American Idol Season 14: Top 8 Girls Perform!

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The second night of Motown Week kicks off tonight with the American Idol Season 14 Top 8 girls taking the stage. 

Just like last night, we'll learn the fate of the four girls going home at the end of the night when they're the sad souls left sitting in stools behind the judges. 

American Idol Season 14 Top 12 Girls

Tyanna Jones, who was probably made for Motown week, is the first girl to find out she's in. Good call, America! She chooses "Rockin Robin" and sticks pretty close to the original arrangement. That's a good choice, because the song is so iconic that messing with it too much would ruin it. Absolutely everyone sings along with her.

Keith calls it a great way to kick off the night. Jennifer loves the throwback vibes Tyanna's giving off tonight. Harry says it was subtle and strong and doesn't think there's anything Tyanna can't sing. 10/10

Joining Tyanna in the safe zone, Loren Lott takes the stage. She chooses a Michael Jackson song, "I Wanna Be Where You Are." It feels a little risky because it's not a song many people are likely to know. The arrangement is a little bit disco. She shouts just a little, but she has a great time.

Jennifer calls it a strong performance and says Loren has an innate talent. Harry says a high bar has been set so far and Loren may have just nudged it up a little higher. Keith compliments the Motown song book. 9/10

Maddie Walker is the next one through. After a pretty lackluster performance last week, she better really bring it with this version of "I'll Be There." This girl can't smize so she always looks a little stunned and terrified when she sings. There are some opportunities to do some great runs and she totally misses them. 

Harry says she deserves to be here but technically she goes sharp and she doesn't have much dynamic range. Keith calls it a good song choice and likes that she took out the runs. Jennifer thought she did a good job even with the nerves. 6/10

Number four goes to...Joey Cook. She has to let out a big shout on her way up to the stage which is basically adorable. She's also the first NOT to sing a song from a Jackson and goes with "Shop Around." She's so quirky and fun and current but watching her can be a little distracting. She's so nervous she's downright twitchy.

Keith loves how she makes songs her own (which is what America loves about her). Jennifer loves how she's not afraid to show her emotions when she sings, even if those emotions are nerves. Harry loves her artistry but wonders if her stylized nature will get tiring to people. 8/10

Sarina-Joi Crowe, auditioning veteran, is taking seat #5. She's trying to keep it with "You've Really Got A Hold On Me." She chooses to drop the band and sing with just a guitar backing her up, which puts all the focus on her vocals. It's an interesting choice and a good one, in my opinion, because it's totally stripped down and she gets to shine.

Jennifer says "you sing" and then calls her the best singer here. Harry calls her terrific and says she has a world-class smile. Then he tells her she sang consistently flat. Keith agreed with Harry but loved that she wasn't distracted by the audience cheering for her. 9/10

Adanna Duru, self-proclaimed "huge goofball," is up next with "Hello." Glee did an epic rendition of this song, so she's got a high mark to hit in order to top that. She goes for high drama and high notes and mostly hits both. Mostly. That top note was bad. She has GOT to stop with the weird hand ticks when she sings.

Harry gives her an A+ on singing the lyrics but says she was also out of tune the whole time. Keith thought she grabbed the audience and pulled them in. Jennifer liked it but didn't love it. 7/10

Taking the next to final spot in the Top 8 is Jax​ and her face X. She's wearing THE DRESS! GUYS SHE'S WEARING THE DRESS! (It's definitely black and blue.) Oh, right. Singing. She's done something horrible to the arrangement of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." It's like weird lounge-y, cabaret? I don't know, but it's weird and I'm uncertain about it. 

Keith loves that she has strong artistry. Jennifer says she's already one of the favorites but wants her to be careful taking such giant risks with a song like that and didn't think those changes worked. Harry says she has an incredible voice and charisma and agrees with Jenn that the arrangement was dull. 6.5/10

The last spot in this year's Top 8 goes to...Alexis Gomez. She loses the guitar for a little "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" aka "I Can't Help Myself." She's also lost her shoes once again. She's having a fun time but this is just too saccharine a performance for me. And terribly out of key. Plus she doesn't seem to have any idea what she's doing on a stage.

Jennifer says that the guys are usually the ones to make comments about pitch but Alexis was so out of key it even bothered her. Harry thinks she needs to settle down when she sings. Keith loves the bare feet but thought the song choice was terrible. 5/10

Shannon Berthiaume, Shi Scott, Katherine Winston, and Lovey James are out. Lovey should've been in Maddie's spot. 

As for tonight's performances, Maddie Walker is on the chopping block unless she continues to garner the sweetheart vote. Jax should be in trouble because that arrangement was TERRIBLE but she won't be because THE DRESS will save her. It could very well be Alexis Gomez going home next Thursday night.

Next week we'll whittle them down to the Top 12, starting on Wednesday night.


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