Better Call Saul Round Table: J-E-L-L-No

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Fun fact! Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 5 was originally titled "Jello" to keep with the theme of episode titles ending in -o. TPTB couldn't get release of the word in time to use it. Thus, "Alpine Shepherd Boy" was born.

Did the name change make the episode any less awesome? Nope! This series rocks.

Join Narsimha Chintaluri, Orrin Konheim, Ashley Bissette Sumerel, and Miranda Wicker as we break down the best moments from the most recent escapades of one Jimmy McGill.

Better Call Saul Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite quote or scene from Alpine Shepherd Boy?

Narsimha: Just the fact that it started exactly where the last episode left off, and actually showed the cops (realistically) being called, was amazing to me. It's trademark great writing that Breaking Bad became known for. Aside from that, there were plenty of emotional/intense moments in the hospital that really stuck with me as well. I feel as if Chuck is going to one of the most interesting characters on the show.

Orrin: My favorite part of the episode was Jimmy working his magic on the senior citizens. The fact that he watched an episode of Matlock just to get his style down is one of those tiny details that makes Jimmy who he is: A meticulous guy who plans everything down to a T. Moreso, Jimmy generally makes out pretty well in life and survives a lot of sticky situations because he's genuinely a clever and resourceful guy.

Ashley: I have to echo Orrin on this one. I loved seeing him with the senior citizens, working his charm and advertising with Jello!  

Miranda: I loved watching Jimmy in the hospital with Chuck. He knows his brother's condition is psychosomatic, but he holds Chuck in such high regard that he can't put him through the pain of facing his fears and instead enables his brother. It's weird and co-dependent and very unhealthy, but I think Chuck's the key to unlocking Saul Goodman.

Which was your favorite crazy client: the Secession Man or Talking Toilet?

Narsimha: The Talking Toilet for sure -- that was just too much! I was so thrown off at first when he started describing his invention, and it only got funnier and more over the top as it went on. It's the kind of humor that Breaking Bad would tread the line with, but never fully embrace.

Orrin: Toilet humor isn't my thing so I'll pick the secession man. Both were pretty funny, patently bizarre, and a nice change of pace. These scenes posses the kind of offbeat humor that wouldn't have fit with the later seasons of Breaking Bad. 

Ashley: Talking toilet! I'm not a toilet humor person either, but this was so over-the-top and surprising that I couldn't help but laugh.

Miranda: Talking toilet had me giggling but I definitely loved Secession Man. Jimmy was so hopeful that was his break! I was shocked when the man pulled a tray of money out of his safe and felt just as let down as Jimmy when Secession Man's face was on the bills. 

Chuck's condition is all in his head. How does this change things for Jimmy?

Narsimha: Regardless of whether or not it's all in Chuck's head, it's a legitimate disease and Jimmy has to find a way to help his brother out. I'm just glad he choose his brother over the idea of him being cashed out by the firm if he was committed to an institute.

Orrin: I'm assuming Jimmy already knew. I honestly kind of had a hunch as well. I'm not that well-versed in medicine but the whole idea of being allergic to electro-magnetic currents seemed a bit far-fetched by the rules of this universe. If the question is whether it changes anything for the audience, I think it paints Jimmy in a better light: being the caretaker of an imaginary disease is a few more rungs up on the "good person" scale in my book since he has to maintain that illusion with his brother and get him the medical help he needs.

Ashley: There's something so very tragic about this situation. I think it could change the way Jimmy handles it, in that he knows better now what he's dealing with. Even if he already had a suspicion that that it was all in Chuck's head, now that's just confirmed. 

Miranda: I think Jimmy has always known that whatever was going on with Chuck was psychological and not strictly physical. Having confirmation, I think, will make it harder for Jimmy to continue enabling Chuck's delusions. 

Is there any hope for Chuck to get better? 

Narsimha: I would like to think so, but, then again, we don't even get a mention of Chuck in Breaking Bad, do we? So something major must happen down the line.  

Orrin: There was technically never anything wrong with Chuck except that he's living in his own Darren Aronofsky movie. So let's chalk that up to good news?

Ashley: I'm worried about him. Like Narsimha says, there's no mention of him in Breaking Bad, which makes me think there won't be a happy ending with this. In fact, it might be the thing that somehow finally pushes Jimmy to become Saul. 

Miranda: I don't think Chuck will make it out of the first season. Sad!

Are you excited for more of Mike's story?

Narsimha: Although we know where this story (or tragedy, if you're a die-hard Mike fan like me) ends, I'm still curious to see how he regains contact with his granddaughter. Beyond that, I can't wait until he starts turning into the badass Mike we all know -- I'm sure the transition will come out of some severe necessity, but things are sure to get heated once he starts working with Gus and so forth.  

Orrin: Only if it provides us with something unexpected happens. We know where Mike will end up (deeper into the underworld by the start of Breaking Bad) so that's a case where the power of foreshadowing works against us. If he intersects with Jimmy (or Chuck) in a way we haven't yet been made aware of, that's definitely worth seeing (like what happened in the parking lot). 

Ashley: Yes! I know his story is an interesting one and I'm excited (and nervous) to see how it plays out.

Miranda: I'm so, so ready for this! It seems as if he's going to turn to Jimmy for legal advice next week, and I think Mike sees something in Jimmy that Jimmy can't quite see in himself yet. I can't wait for these two to become working friends. 

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Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Old Lady: And here I thought all lawyers were idiots.
Jimmy: Only half of us are idiots. The other half are crooks!

Jimmy: From here on out, I'm gonna play by the rules.
Chuck: As any lawyer should.