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Tonight's season finale of Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 10 was an exercise in frustration! After loving the last two episodes, I now wish the show had stopped while it was ahead.

Where to even begin? Oh, that's right, Jake's beginning.

Serial killers always have an origin story of some kind. Jake's sucked. At first we're led to believe that poor Jake was an innocent bystander when his dad decided to go into the kitchen and shoot himself next to his wife, who'd just overdosed. Before pulling the trigger Jake's dad advised him to one day pick a perfect girl, not make a mistake like he did and fall for a druggie.

Mmmkay, Jake became a serial killer because his dad had poor choice in women and he found his parents bodies? Weak, but possible. Maybe that trauma and the memory of his father's words could trigger that tendency.

But wait! Little Jakey wasn't an innocent bystander. He wanted to kill his mom, to put her out of her pain, so he grabs a needle from the trash, pulls up her sleeve, notices the follicles on her arm, perfectly inserts the needle into her vein and then plunges an air bubble in to her to kill her. 

Kill. ME. Now.

What six year old, if he's even that old, would know how to do any of that? Even if he had watched his mom and could emulate her actions with the needle, there's no way in hell he knows he can kill her with an air bubble. Pure ludicrousness.

Then there's the scene where Lindy tells Tommy to go save Sophia and let her get hauled off by the killer. Okay, I get that she doesn't want anyone else to die because of her, but bitch, please. Jake is pointing his gun at Tommy. He's not pointing it at Lindy or using her body as a shield. Tommy could've easily killed him and then he and Lindy could've carried Sophia off the island together.

Heck, Lindy could easily have elbowed Jake in the face or shoved him off the stairs. Nope, she chooses to add insult to injury by telling Tommy she's leaving with the man she loves.

And this leads to an epic plot canyon and enough trauma to my psyche that you all should be very afraid now.

Somehow, during a twelve hour period in captivity with a man who knows her hacker history and is a computer genius in his own right, Lindy manages to contact George, tell him where she is, hash out a plan to spam Flirtual users with Jake's murderous mug and have Tommy and the police rush the area at just the right moment.

We see none of this come together! It's like they thought, "It'll be too hard to explain all that. Why bother?"

To which I say, "Why bother with season 2?"

Other things of note:

  • Learning that the narrator's voice came from an artificial intelligence computer program that Jake built was unexpected.
  • George was the best thing about the episode. Thank you for the laughs.
  • I'm intrigued that Sara faked her own kidnapping to keep Lindy safe.

If you missed the finale and want to judge for yourself where things went wrong, make sure to watch Eye Candy online.

What did you think? Feeling as murderous as I am?

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We all have to die to be reborn, Lindy.


One day you're gonna find her and she'll be beautiful. 'Cause she'll be perfect.

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