Fear the Walking Dead: First Teaser Released!!

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Have you had your flu shots?

Uh oh!, you might want to stay home and rest, especially if you live in Los Angeles. There's a strange virus going around. That's right, the first teaser for Fear the Walking Dead was shown during the The Walking Dead Season 5 finale and it looks like we're heading into a whole new world.

Neither the original series nor the comics on which they're based have delved into the horrors that lead Rick and friends to be living in the barren world full of The Walking Dead, but the teaser clearly shows that's about to change.

There is one, seemingly lonely zombie strolling through what appears to be a pedestrian tunnel, but otherwise, the city has no idea what's coming from an otherwise regular ol' flu epidemic.

As terrible as the title might be, the appeal of the premise cannot be denied. Who doesn't want to see the terror in the eyes of society as a result of what's about to happen instead of what already has?

Did the teaser leave you wanting more? Will you be tuning in when it airs later this summer? Will six episodes be even close to enough??

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