Alicia: I'm not here to hurt anyone.
Tracy: Keep your hands up and move slowly towards the tent.
Alicia: You can put the gun down. I'm just here to bury my... Mom?
Madison: Alicia?

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Madison: I just can't believe it's real.
Alicia: It is. I promise you, it is. You okay?
Madison: I will be. What is that?
Alicia: That is a very old friend I came across searching a warehouse for supplies. Trying to return him to his rightful owner.
Madison: How did you find us?
Alicia: A story. About a woman who sacrificed herself here. And the person who told me said her name was Madison. And it didn't make any sense, and I didn't know how you could possibly be alive... but I had to be sure. I saw the fort over there. How are you still here?
Madison: Your daughter. She came back. She saved me.
Alicia: What are you talking about?
Madison: Tracy. She's the child that Troy took from you.
Alicia: I never had a kid.
Tracy: You're not my mom?
Alicia: No, I'm... I'm not, but I knew your mom when you were a baby. Her name was Serena. She was a pretty amazing woman. I don't understand why Troy would lie about something like that.
Tracy: He knew how hard you fought for your own kids. He wanted to give you a reason to fight for me.
Madison: You said you heard a story about me. From who?
Alicia: I've been picking up radio chatter on the road. I think their route runs by here.
Madison: You know I would've come looking for you if I knew you were alive.
Alicia: I would've come looking for you, too. I never would've stopped. After Troy attacked me, after I got back on my feet, I went to find the people I'd been staying with. And I saw something on the road, these women that dressed like me, they used weapons I was using, they were doing the things that I was doing. They were helping people.
Madison: We met some of them.
Alicia: Yeah. It's like the story of what I'd done was doing more good than I could on my own. And so I went somewhere else. I... started using a different name so Troy couldn't find me. If I hadn't have done that, maybe we would've found each other.
Madison: You made the right choice. You gave all those people something to believe in.

Dove: What direction you headed?
June: Uh, there's a cabin in Texas I want to visit. Someone there I... haven't seen in a while.
Dove: You want company?
June: It's far.
Dove: It's okay. Gives you time to teach me.
June: Teach you what?
Dove: Medicine. What you did for me when I got shot... I want to learn how to do the same for other people.
June: We're going to the right place, then.
Dove: Um, why's that?
June: The cabin belonged to my husband. It's where I met him. It's where he taught me to shoot... to survive... To live again. If he can do that for me there, maybe I can do the same for you... Odessa.

Dwight: I was thinking of The Sanctuary.
Sherry: What?
Dwight: We... We could take everybody there.
Sherry: D... Why would you want to go back there?
Dwight: Bec... Because we know it, it's defensible. The streets are still intact. Sherry: Oh, my. I lost you to that place before, D. I can't lose you again.
Dwight: Hey. You're not gonna lose me again. We are family. I mean, maybe... maybe we can take that place and... and... and make it worthy of its name.
Sherry: I don't know.
Dwight: It'll make Finch proud.
Sherry: Okay. Okay, let's try.

Tracy: Mom. She pulled loose. We need to tighten the ropes.
Troy: Oh, she's fine. She's not gonna hurt us. You know, when we get to PADRE, she's gonna be the one to make Madison pay for everything she's done. What's wrong?
Tracy: Why does Mom have to kill Madison?
Troy: Well, you know why. She's Alicia's mother. She put the thinking in her head that got people killed. We can't let what happened to Mom happen to anyone else.
Tracy: I know all that.
Troy: So, what's wrong?
Tracy: This.
Troy: Your necklace?
Tracy: Victor said it belonged to Alicia. She... She killed Mom. Why would you want me to wear her necklace?
Troy: Do you know how many St. Christopher's medallions there are?
Tracy: But Victor said...
Troy: Well, Victor's mistaken. She gave it to me when she died. And she made me promise that I would give it to you to keep you safe. Which is what I've been doing ever since.

Victor: There was a time you'd have thanked me for such a thing.
Madison: Enough people have died because of me. I can't put the rest of you at risk.
Victor: The rest is not that many, Madison.
Madison: What are you talking about?
Victor: It's just me and our newly found friends of Alicia here. The rest retreated to the island to escape the herd. All of you should do the same.

Victor: I can't let you do this alone.
Madison: I'm in a tank loaded with ammo and guns. I don't need anybody else.
Victor: Madison, please. It's like I told you before, Victor... Unlike you, I don't have anyone left to disappoint. I need to do this so you don't have to. Then you can build PADRE into what Alicia would have wanted.
Victor: This won't end well, Madison. You think it'll just be this one thing. But then you'll realize you can't stop. I learned it the hard way. At the Tower. There was just always one more thing that I needed to do to keep it safe, and before I knew it, I was the thing people needed to be protected from. Please, Madison. There's another way.

Daniel: Madison! What did you do?
Madison: I'm done with second chances. Troy was right. That's what got Alicia killed. That's why I had to do this. If I didn't, I'd be putting you all at risk. This is how we survive. This is how PADRE survives.
Troy: You have to fight f-for Tracy like you fought for Nick and Alicia.
Madison: Why would I do anything you say?
Troy: 'Cause she's not my daughter.
Madison: No. You said your wife was pregnant when Alicia helped you.
Troy: She was. But she died before the baby could be born.
Madison: No! If Serena's not Tracy's mother, who is?
Troy: Alicia. I-I took her child to make up for what I lost.

Why'd you bring that girl here?
Victor: Because I knew Troy wouldn't dream of attacking the island if he knew we had his daughter as leverage.
June: Or it's the perfect reason to attack. He doesn't know that we're here. Now you have his kid, he'll find it.
Strand: How? It's not like she's been tagged for migratory purposes.
June: Maybe you'd know how badly a parent would fight for their kid if you were doing more than playing father to Klaus.
Strand: After all these years, you still don't know me.
June: Oh, I do, Victor. I stood by that Tower and I watched you make bad decision after bad decision. People lost their lives because of what you did. John's father lost his life because of what you did. I'm not making that same mistake again.
Strand: June, many people lost their lives because of you, as I remember, when we first met.

Madison: We should leave. We need to figure out what to do with her.
Daniel: We use her to get to Troy and make him pay for what he did to our daughters.
Madison: She knows where PADRE is. If Troy ever gets her back... There's only one way to protect the island.
Daniel: You got the stomach for that, Madison?
Madison: She just tried to use her own mother to kill me.

Troy, if you're listening, we have your daughter. I repeat, we have your daughter. She's safe. We're willing to return her to you if we can agree to terms.


June: If you want us to believe you've changed, Victor, show us. Help us fix this. How? The girl's already here. We'll bring her back to her father.
Strand: You think that will satisfy Troy?
June: It might if we give him the man who kidnapped her.

Fear the Walking Dead Quotes

You just haven't been tested ... but you're about to be.


Ali: I'm ready.
Howard: I admire your ambition. I know Victor does, too. But everyone has got to start somewhere. To that end.
Ali: Another one?
Howard: No, this is not just any butterfly. This is the Mourning Cloak. Extremely rare. Live for about a year. And Victor has got the perfect spot for it on the shelf. All you've got to do is find one.