Hart of Dixie Photo Gallery: Will Brick Get a Birthday Surprise?

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Will everyone forget Brick's birthday? 

Brick is turning 61, but apparently everyone forgets about his special day.

Will they make it up to him in time on Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 8

It appears Lavon and Wade will take it upon themselves getting Brick to the birthday location where Lemon, Magnolia, Shelby, and the rest of the town will be waiting. 

Annabeth and George look like they will make their newfound romance known to the rest of the town. Hopefully his parents will approve of his relationship with Annabeth when they make a surprise visit to Bluebell. 

Elsewhere in the episode, when Zoe worries that she has no heirlooms to give to her baby boy when he's born, Wade takes it upon himself to come up with something.

Tune into this installment on Friday, March 6. And don't worry if you haven't caught up. You can always watch Hart of Dixie online via TV Fanatic! 

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Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Lemon: No, me getting together with Lavon has to be like the perfect movie moment with wine and twinkly lights with just the right song coming on at just the right time and the perfect dress.
Annabeth: Okay, well go out and buy the gosh darn dress, Lemon, and make your move.

Wanda: You've [Wade] never held a baby before?
Tom: You are gonna love it. It's the most joyous, magical, but don't you dare drop by baby.
Wade: Okay.