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Long live the heart, long live the soul that knows what it wants.

On the Hart of Dixie Season finale, you'll see a baby born. On the Hart of Dixie Series finale (it's a very, very good possibility), you'll see an engagement, and on Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 10, you'll see two weddings.

That's right folks, it's pretty much all come down to the singing and dancing (because there is a lot of that) and if you wanted happy endings in Bluebell, you're going want to watch. If you've stuck around for all four and a half seasons or even if you haven't, don't expect a dry eye by the end, because it's a two tissue blow out, for sure.

Which couples get their happy endings? Here's a hint; as the credits roll, there is still at least one love triangle in Bluebell!!! Some things never change. Are all small towns like Bluebell? Probably not, but we can hope someday we'll find one just like it.

Make sure you watch Hart of Dixie online to see how it all ends!

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Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Zoe, before I met you I didn't know what life outside of Bluebell was. I didn't have a role model, but now I know who I wanna be; A strong woman who isn't afraid to be a little crazy when it comes to love.


Your father would be so proud to see how far you have come, Dr. Hart.