Heroes Reborn Adds Ryan Guzman to Cast

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Another day, another casting announcement for Heroes Reborn!

Today Ryan Guzman was added to the cast in an undisclosed role. As Pretty Little Liars fans already know, he'll be up for anything as he's not only sympathetic, but easy on the eyes.

Character breakdowns speak of a former military man, and given his physique, Guzman could be filling that role.

Ryan Guzman

On PLL, Guzman played a martial arts instructor who made the mistake of becoming romantically involved with Aria. He got a gut full of glass as his reward. Ouch! He also starred with Jennifer Lopez in the feature film, Boy Next Door.

Gatlin Green was also added to the Heroes Reborn lineup today. She and Guzman join those already announced including Zachari Levi, Jack Coleman and Once Upon a Time's Peter Pan, Robbie Kay.

Time will tell if any other former Heroes will join Jack Coleman from the show's original run or if he'll be the sole survivor. Those are casting announcements they may want to hold until closer to airtime to gather excitement, regardless.

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