Janel Parrish To Be Robbed on The Mysteries of Laura

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Mona Vanderwaal is taking a trip to New York City! Sort of.

E! News reports that Janel Parrish (Pretty Little Liars) will be visiting The Mysteries of Laura on their May 6 installment titled, "The Mystery of The Crooked Clubber." 

Parrish's character will be Jillian Havenmeyer, a pretty and poised trust fund gal from Manhattan.

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Although she's wealthy, from the perfect home and has an impeccable wardrode (or perhaps because of all these things), Jillian falls in love with a working class guy from Queens. Their's is not a happy ending, however.

That's where Laura comes in! There's a murder, there are jewel thieves and the question arises, when you can buy anything you want, how far do you have to go taste the thrill of adventure?

Will Jillian end up on the wrong side of Laura? We know Janel Parrish can play the good guy/bad guy scenario pretty well, so it will be fun to see how it all plays out.

If you think it sounds like fun, but are a little late to the party, you can watch The Mysteries of Laura online via TV Fanatic to see what it's all about.

The Mysteries of Laura airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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