The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 15 Review: Chocolate Does a Body Good

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It's been a couple of weeks since Apollo Nida went to jail and on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 15 Phaedra Parks tries to get on with her life. 

Plus Todd and Kandi, only about six months married at this point, get into quite the marital spat when she catches him off guard with a loaded question. Let's get down to recapping business, y'all!

Before checking in to prison, Apollo posted a message on Instagram telling his followers to "stay tuned." How? For what? Weird. 

Phaedra's checking out of her fancy hotel and heading home and for security reasons, the hotel staff are taking her down the service elevator and out the back. that's probably not a terrible idea. Plus 5 for those guys.

Scratch that. Those were bodyguards which she apparently hired after her run-in with Apollo. Because he's in prison but she's scared he's coming after her. Or something.

She wants to have an exorcism at her house in case Apollo left behind any demons. LOL.

Phaedra's not very happy with the way Apollo decided to tell the boys where he is because now Aiden is having some serious difficulty dealing with his father's absence. That definitely should've been a joint discussion for sure. Minus 10, Apollo.

Kandi's planning for Kandi Koated Nights with her crew when Todd walks in, barely speaking to her, because they left a fight in LA. They're still fighting.

DonJuan takes every chance he can to rag on Todd and Kandi needs to shut that down. Minus 6.

After everyone leaves, Kandi drops the bomb that she wants to go to marriage counseling because they're not on when the lights are off. Kandi says they're not having enough sex and business-wise, she wants some advice, too. He wants to know how they are financially and she says "I'm okay..."


She wants to have sex more than once a week and he says he can't because she wears a bonnet to bed. They're going to therapy. Plus 10.

Cynthia, Claudia, and Kenya meet up for a wine tasting and it isn't very long before talk turns to The Hollywood Gossip's article on Apollo Nida failing to report to prison. Cynthia says he was never on the run and then gets ready to drop the bomb about the text messages he found on Phaedra's phone.

Kenya cannot believe what she's hearing and Cynthia is not holding back on the rumors she knows. She's pretty pissed about how Phaedra kept spinning stories about her, calling Kenya a whore, and she was apparently having an affair. 

"My karma is very strong, cause all my enemies fall."--Kenya Moore Plus 8

Phaedra is now a single mom to two small kids. A single mom who's about to have her house blessed by a pastor. Or an apostle. Something.

Thaddeus anoints their house, says a few "fix it, Jesus-es" and Phaedra feels better. I'm just waiting for the short lady from Poltergeist to pop out of a closet and say "This house is clea-ah..."

Cynthia's opening new shoes in her downstairs bedroom closet to get ready to go to dinner with all the girls. Peter doesn't understand how they can be biting each other's head off and still want to sit down and dine. 

It's a girl thing, Peter. Plus Kandi invited them and no one says no to Kandi.

Cynthia wonders if things are true and Peter says he saw the texts with his own eyes. Peter also tells her that Apollo told Todd so now they're wondering if Todd told Kandi. And if Kandi knows, does Phaedra know that everybody knows?

Dun dun dun...

Kandi notices that three days after Apollo has reported to prison, Phaedra's redecorating her house. She's getting rid of his pool table, ditching their Phine Body poster, having the outside painted. She's cleaning house.

Kandi wants the scoop on Apollo showing up at the house and Phaedra tells her Apollo punched holes in the walls, screamed at her for two hours, and then showed up at the house when he was supposed to be in prison. 

She feels good that there's "finally some resolve" with him and now she's just gonna do Phaedra. Except she's still married so that's...interesting. Phaedra says NeNe has called her every single day to check in and see how Phaedra's doing and Kandi doesn't buy it.

Kandi's taking NeNe's kindness "with baby steps." Plus 10. Phaedra's on Team NeNe and says Kandi hasn't really been there for her. She'll still go to Kandi's dinner though.

Cynthia arrives at dinner first and Kandi gets there second. Kandi says she doesn't have beef with anybody but they're at a Brazilian churrascaria​ so she's about to have beef with everybody. Badum chhhhhh​. Plus 10.

Kenya gets there next and she's so not ready for the drama with Phaedra. Porsha and Demetria are there. Phaedra's going to be the last to show. Kenya flirts with the waiter and Porsha throws some shade. Minus 4.

NeNe's back from studying for Broadway and now Phaedra's here too. This is about to get crazy. 

Things are going great while they're eating and then Kandi brings up Puerto Rico and what's been going on with everybody since then. NeNe asks Phaedra what she's been doing and Phaedra says she's just living.

Cynthia can't pass up the opportunity to bring up the fact that Apollo talked to Peter and she's not putting it on the table if Phaedra's not putting in on the table. Phaedra doesn't open her mouth so Cynthia keeps going. Minus 45

When Kenya jumps in and says Phaedra's having an affair, Phaedra jumps up and just about knocks Kenya across the face with her handbag. Porsha jumps in and stops her and Phaedra looks at NeNe and just says "take me home."

Kenya thinks the fact that Phaedra got so emotional is because it's true, not because she's under a lot of stress right now or anything reasonable like that. 

Phaedra and her camp are standing outside when Kenya and her crew come out. Kenya says people should be able to have a conversation and Porsha basically says that's crazy talk. Phaedra says nothing and lets everyone else do the talking for her. 

Kenya says all Phaedra's doing is running away. Looks to me like she's being smart. 


If you missed a single minute of tonight's drama, be sure to watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online and see it all for yourself!

Chocolate Does a Body Good Review

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