19 Shows That Said Goodbye to a Lead: Is There Hope for The Vampire Diaries?

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Losing a main character under any circumstances is always a distressing time for a TV Fanatic. 

This is especially true for many at the moment, as Nina Dobrev is leaving Mystic Falls behind – but she certainly isn't the first lead to depart a successful show.

A lot of the time when a key star says goodbye to their series, they are killed off, but not always. A classic heartfelt farewell can be sometimes be just as satisfying and/or sentimental.

Below, we've collected 19 photos from 19 shows that bid farewell forever to a fan favorite. Which did the best job of carrying on without him or her?

We know how upset you were when you had to say goodbye to not one, but two residents of one Tree Hill, but the show continued on for three more successful seasons. Sometimes characters leave because they have run their course and fresh new additions can make things exciting again.

There are also shows that have no choice but to write out a lead because of tragic circumstances (RIP, Cory!).

What do you think of this list of leads? Have we missed anyone? Hit the comments below!

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