19 TV Shows That Lost A Lead

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Look through this gallery of stars who departed successful TV shows.

1. Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton - One Tree Hill

Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton - One Tree Hill
One Tree Hill was dealt a huge blow when both Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton decided to part ways with the show at the conclusion of Season 6. They got a fairytale send off and Murray even popped back up in the final season. Murray was most recently on Marvel's Agent Carter, while Burton is recurring on Forever.

2. Alyssa Milano- Mistresses

Alyssa Milano- Mistresses
Milano decided to depart the sudsy summer series after it was announced that the show would be moving production and the star didn’t want to leave her family behind.

3. Britt Robertson - Under The Dome

Britt Robertson - Under The Dome
Robertson quickly became a fan favorite, so it was shocking when she was axed to death on the second season premiere of the show. The star has moved on to movies.

4. Charlie Sheen - Two and A Half Men

Charlie Sheen - Two and A Half Men
Sheen thought he was invincible, but the TV gods proved otherwise and was swiftly replaced with Ashton Kutcher who brought the show BIG ratings. The show concluded in February.

5. Claire Holt - The Originals

Claire Holt - The Originals
Claire Holt left fans reeling when she departed The Originals near the end of the first season. She has popped up here and there and thanks to a body swap storyline the character will continue to be part of the show.

6. Cory Montieth - Glee

Cory Montieth - Glee
Monteith passed away during production of the fifth season and the show aired a touching tribute to the young star.

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