Days of Our Lives Recap: A Bouncing Baby DiMera

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Kristen returned with a bouncing baby boy, John found out he’s a daddy, Paige and JJ made love and Lucas got canned all on this week’s Days of Our Lives. 

Kristen DiMera Returned. And this time she’s not alone. She’s got baby Christopher in tow and the big question seemed to be not who’s his daddy, but who’s going to be his mommy? 

Kristen had laid claim to the baby she gave birth to off screen, viewing Theresa as nothing more than a drunken egg donor but now she needs her. Little Chris has a medical condition that requires a bone marrow transplant, hence why Clint was doing his best impression of a vampire stealing people's blood. Lo and behold, Theresa's a match. 

The question is, will Theresa survive when she’s forced to donate and Kristen not only doesn’t need her any longer, but certainly won’t want Christopher’s other mommy in the picture. 

Clint Has a Mission - Days of Our Lives

Melanie’s Crazy Theory.  Melanie came clean about her crazy theory concerning Kristen doing an embryo transplant on Theresa and surprisingly, Brady bought every word of it. Then again, he has grown up in Salem and was engaged to a DiMera so…it’s not as though embryos haven’t been stolen before in this town. 

Did Brady really think he could ditch Melanie and head off to Europe in search of Kristen without her…or at least not without handcuffing her to something first? Then again, Brady’s never been the brightest bulb in Salem. 

John learned he was Paul’s dad and as much as I wished we had seen more of this storyline, I was thrilled that it wasn’t overly dramatic. Both Paul and John hit all the right notes. The only drama queen in this story was Will Horton who couldn’t seem to stop spinning stories to save his life, not even when faced with his grandmother in this Days of Our Lives quote

Don't do this. Don't make me sit here and watch you turn into your mother.


Newsflash Marlena, it’s already too late. 

Of course if Will didn’t provide enough drama, you only had to look towards Eve who did a soap opera worthy meltdown when she looked at her daughter and realized the girl had just lost her virginity to JJ. 

Finally there was Daniel Jonas. The myth, the man, the legend who for some unknown reason must be involved in as many stories as possible in Salem. Now it’s Xander and Serena’s diamond smuggling tale. It actually made me want to watch Nicole bowl instead. 

But the top prize of the week went to Victor Kiriakis who deftly told Adrienne and Lucas he knew about their tryst taking place under his roof and fired Lucas all in one shot. The two love birds briefly enjoyed their post-coital bliss behind her bedroom door, all the while thinking they had Victor fooled. No one fools Victor Kiriakis.  

Victor: Adrienne dear, it's me. If you've got a minute I'd like to talk to you.
Adrienne: Sure, Victor. I'll be down in a couple minutes.
Victor: I'll be in the study. Oh, one other thing. Lucas, you're fired.

Now it’s your turn TV Fanatics. Who would make the better mommy to little Christopher?

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