Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is John the Daddy?

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Will’s sleazy manipulations to get Paul out of town blew up in his face as Sonny engineered a meeting that had John asking Paul, Who’s your Daddy? Daniel and Jennifer ended up closing over Paige and JJ and Xander turned out to have ties to more than just Serena. 

Our TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by Wendylou and Sevenna92 from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to debate whether Marlena did the right thing, if Jennifer’s plan is doomed and who is the most boring couple in Salem. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Is Daniel right? Is Jennifer’s plan to reunite JJ and Paige doomed?

Wendylou: Yes, of course he's right. He's Dr. Daniel Jonas. He's always right. And yes, of course it's doomed. Jennifer's intentions are good. She wants to help her son recover from something that she feels happened to him because of Eve's hatred of her. She's wrong about it being her fault and she's wrong to think that JJ can just go back to dating Paige with no consequences.

Sevenna92: Yes I believe Daniel is right. Jenn seems to be way too obsessed with getting one up over Eve to see how screwed up her son really is. 

Christine:  As much as I hate to side with Daniel, he’s right. There’s no way this doesn’t blow up in her face and JJ will be the worse for it. Not to mention she’s being a complete hypocrite. She was all over Daniel about lying for Nicole but she’s got no problem burying the truth here. If she were smart she’d keep JJ far away from Eve and Paige and get him into therapy. 

Now that Jordan is long gone, who is the most boring couple in Salem?

Wendylou: Well, Abby and Ben are pretty darn bad but the prize goes to Eric and Serena. They are mind-numbing. At least I think they are. I've actually started to fast forward their scenes.

Sevenna92: Abby and Ben. I just don't care.

Christine:  Oh…I was going to say Abby and Ben but I think I agree with Wendylou. Eric and Serena are almost unwatchable they’re so bad. 

Was Marlena right to push Tori Narita for answers?

Wendylou: Absolutely. She was a bit pushy but I think John and Paul deserve to know the truth. And since the truth is also going to make Will's life miserable it must be told.

Sevenna92: Yeah, I thought Marlena was right in confronting Tori. John is her husband, or was her husband, and she has the right to know if whatever John has done may impact their relationship. 

Christine:  I thought she was wrong. She should have shared her suspicions with John, even if that would have been a awkward conversation. It should have been up to him to confront Tori about whether he’s Paul’s father. Keeping John in the dark just seem wrong.

Were you surprised that Will manipulated John so easily?

Wendylou:  Sort of. But John did see Sonny and Paul together. He was primed to believe anything bad that Will told him. And Will has become quite the master at twisting the truth to place the blame for what he did on others.

Sevenna92: Not really. John is kind of dumb and I guess Will has become more slimy by the minute. But I'm astonished by how manipulative Will has become. He's no longer the man Sonny married.

Christine:  Ugh. John bought every word of it but I guess he didn’t have a reason not to. Will is Marlena’s grandson. Of course John would side with him. The shocking part was how easy it all came to Will. Victor was right. He’s a clone of his mother.

Did anything disappoint you this week in Salem?

Wendylou: The fact that Serena and her elephant story is still playing out. It's time for it to end. It's such a waste of Greg Vaughn.

Sevenna92: I hated that Jorge covered for Melanie and that he actually wished bodily harm on Theresa. Just because she was rude to him? Melanie should have lost her job on the spot, and Jorge too! 

Christine:  Anything that keeps Serena on the screen is disappointing. What will it take to get that woman out of Salem for good?

What was your favorite scene or story of the week?

Wendylou: Probably the reveal of John as Paul's father. I just love the fact that this has all come about because of Will. All of his schemes to get Paul out of town have actually given him a reason to stay. I love it!

Sevenna92: I really liked Theresa meeting Xander and Theresa taunting Daniel about Nicole meeting a new guy. 

Christine: Victor have Will “escorted” to his mansion and telling him off. Victor was spot on in his assessment perfectly blunt about the consequences. Hurt Sonny again and the next thug at Will’s door won’t be their to chat. 

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