Revenge Round Table: Ding, Dong, The Witch is Dead

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Ding, dong the witch is dead…but is she really? It did appear that Victoria Grayson went up with her beloved mansion on Revenge Season 4 Episode 21.

Our TV Fanatics Ashley Bissette Sumerel, Paul Dailly, and Christine Orlando are joined by Laura from Revenge Agenda to debate Victoria’s fate, Nolan’s unfortunate love life, and whether this is the ultimate revenge.

Revenge Round Table 1-27-15

Is there any chance that Victoria Grayson is still alive?

Laura: She better not be after reading all the interviews from Madeleine Stowe saying she is dead! Plus they said they identified the teeth and matched dental records so unless Vicky is walking around with dentures, she should be dead! 

Ashley: I don't think so, and I'm really not surprised. It's completely within Victoria's character to kill herself as the ultimate plan for revenge against Emily. 

Paul: I also don't think so. She got a good death and managed to get Emily in trouble, so it would be stupid for her to still be alive.

Christine: Everything certainly looks like she’s dead and I can’t imagine how she would have escaped that catastrophic explosion but with Victoria Grayson, I still say there’s a bit of hope she’s off somewhere laughing. 

Was Tony right to break up with Nolan because of his pending adoption?

Laura: No, since when can't you have a child and still date? He should have mentioned it to Nolan in the beginning that he was planning to adopt but then again who knows? Maybe there is something we don't know about Tony or maybe he just wants to be a single dad.

Ashley: No, he wasn't. I'm sure it makes sense to him, and that he wants to put the child first, but I agree with Laura that he could still date -- maybe if they even kept things slow for a while. My heart completely broke for Nolan in this episode.

Paul: No, he wasn't. There really was no logic in his decision. I get that he wants to be a good father, but does it mean he has to give up his love life?

Christine: Yeah, that just seemed silly. He could have just as easily told Nolan they had to step things back so he could focus on being a new Dad. There was no reason to cut Nolan out of his life completely.

Has Victoria gotten the ultimate revenge against Emily?

Laura: Yes, let's remember how Emily used to start Revenge back in the day. My father was convicted for a crime he didn't commit. Oh yes, sounds familiar. And by a Grayson, too. It seems we have come full circle now that Emily is being accused of killing Vicky when she is actually innocent!

Ashley: It sure seems that way. I agree with Laura about things coming full circle here, too. I'm interested to see what David does to try and help his daughter. 

Paul: Yes. She's managed to get Emily where she wants her - locked up. I could argue that it was a bit much, but this is Victoria Grayson. She went out guns blazing. 

Christine: It is pretty perfect which is why I keep waiting for the plan to fall apart. Nothing is ever truly perfect.

Will anyone in this series find their happy ending and if so, who do you think it will be?

Laura: I am not sure?! I want Nolan to have a happy ending since he has been so loyal to Emily and his friends! Not sure if Emily can have one. We will see!

Ashley: It doesn't seem that way. I would hope there would be a happy ending for Jack and Nolan in particular, but who knows? 

Paul: The only person I see finding happiness is Nolan. Emily isn't going to make it out of the finale and have a happy ending. She'll either die, or be locked up.

Christine: After all Emily’s done, I’m not sure she still deserves one and I’m not sure Nolan or Jack will actually be happy if Emily is in prison or dead. 

Did anything about “Aftermath” disappoint you?

Laura: Louise since when is it OK to accuse someone of murder in a public place? Seems someone forgot their manners! I personally think Louise is upset she wasn't included in Vicky's suicide note! I have to add Ben drove me nuts too. Talk about a sore loser. Also Jack doubting Emily and asking Nolan if she had anything to do with Vicky's death. Come on Jack, really? 

Ashley: Jack walking away from Emily. I didn't want him to stick around a pine for her, but I don't like him being so cold to her, either. Oh, and I also agree with Laura that Ben is frustrating! I never liked that guy in the first place, but now he's just kind of terrible.

Paul: Ben turning on Emily. This was predictable, given that they are no longer a thing, so it was stupid. 

Christine: Louise. After all Nolan and Emily did for her, the way she’s completely turned on them still makes me bitter.  

What was your favorite quote or scene from this episode?

Laura: Nolan of course, in this Revenge quote...

Ding dong, the bitch is dead. Victoria Grayson has actually taken her last breath.


And referring to Mason as Capote! #priceless!

Ashley: As an obsessed fan of The Wizard of Oz, Nolan's quote was also my favorite! What better way to describe Victoria's death?

Paul: The final scene with Mason revealing his true intentions. I never expected it, but that shows how contrived it was, I guess. 

Christine: David and Emily’s conversation when she confronts him about his illness. These two haven’t had nearly enough real moments since he’s been back. This was one of them.

Check back in on Sunday for our review of Revenge Season 4 Episode 22 and if you can’t wait for more, you can watch Revenge online here at TV Fanatic.

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

Ding dong, the bitch is dead. Victoria Grayson has actually taken her last breath.


Crazy Capote is back! I thought you had exiled him to the Maldives. Can't anyone follow a simple revenge plan?