Days of Our Lives Recap: Killing Marlena?!?

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It was an eye for an eye in Italy…or almost. Stefano had his henchman grab Marlena and deliver her to the site of Kristen’s supposed death.

(I say “supposed death” because her body was never found and she’s a DiMera so we all know the odds are good she’ll wander back to Salem someday.)

But for today, Kristen is considered dead and Stefano wanted to toss Marlena out a window. However, beforehand we got to see several flashbacks highlighting everything from the first time Stefano kidnapped Marlena back in the early 1980’s  to the Queen of the Night and Marlena’s possession story.

Yeah, a lot of it looks cheesy and silly now but back in the day Marlena's glowing eyes were big news.

The unique twist to this story was the person who came to Marlena’s rescue. It wasn't John (who didn’t seem to notice or care that his beloved Doc was missing) or Roman, or even Abe. This time it was Chad. The last living DiMera child threatened to disown his father if Marlena wasn’t delivered back to Salem, alive and well. 

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this entire storyline was Chad’s conversation with Melanie. These two have some great chemistry, even as just friends. I enjoyed this one scene far more than all of the forced Chad/Abby and Brady/Melanie moments we’ve had to endure over the last several weeks. I might just find myself rooting for Theresa and her plan to make a happy family with Brady and baby Tate.

Speaking of which…Tate Black? Really? Not a fan and I apologize to all the Tate’s out there. Maybe it will grow on me. 

Elsewhere in Salem, Paul came back to Salem to get verbally abused by his new half brother, Brady. Will was still off in Poplar Bluff for some incredibly boring interviews and Eve freaked out over Cole’s stupidity. I was really hoping that Paige would be the one caught with those drugs.

The only other truly interesting thing to happen this week in Salem was between Hope and Aiden. First off, I knew they had an argument about Clyde but I had no idea that they’d broken up over it! Was that not clear to anyone else or did I miss something?

Second, Hope seemed a little too willing to give up on their relationship simply because it wasn’t as easy as it had been when she and Bo worked together. Or maybe she secretly wanted to see if Aiden would fight for her…thankfully he did. No one can say the man doesn’t know how to kiss. 

So are you a fan of baby Tate? Are you happy Marlena survived? And tell us TV Fanatics…

Who has better chemistry? Chad and Abigail or Chad and Melanie?

And don't forget to check back Sunday morning for our Days of Our Lives round table!

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