Days of Our Lives Recap: Paige Learns the Truth!

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Surprise! Paige got the shock of her life when she learned the truth about Eve and JJ. Not only that but she now realizes that everyone in her life has lied to her and betrayed her. They’ve made her look like a fool.

For once she didn’t back down. She didn’t forgive. Paige told off her mother and JJ exactly as they deserved and then walked away. Perhaps we’ll get a new Paige after this, one that is less boring and has a little more edge. At least I hope so. 

The fallout didn’t end there. Abigail called out her mother and for once I was on her side. Jennifer only focused on protecting her son and giving him his happy ending. She only thought about sticking it to Eve. She never seemed to contemplate how cruel it was to push Paige and JJ back together when the truth would likely come out eventually. Even Paige could see that things would have been much better if JJ had walked out of her life and she had moved on. 

Eve and Jennifer had yet another epic showdown and neither one of them held back in this Days of Our Lives quote

Jennifer: Well maybe you wouldn't get blackmailed if you didn't sleep with your daughter's boyfriend.
Eve: You always were a smug little brat. Now you've managed to produce two more just like you.

I’ll agree with Eve on one point. Jennifer is no saint in this mess. She didn’t sleep with anyone but she did make the situation even worse by encouraging and enabling JJ to win Paige back. The truth coming out was inevitable and it made the pain of it so much worse. Eve certainly owns most of the blame but Jennifer made certain that the looming disaster would have maximum impact. 

Chad and Abigail had a very touching scene. When Abby realized how judgmental she can be I almost cheered. Maybe there’s hope for her and this couple yet. 

Elsewhere, Paul ended up babysitting Ari when Will walked in and completely lost it. It was like Will’s worst nightmare. I could almost feel sorry for him if he weren’t such a complete jerk. 

Will has turned into a master manipulator. He threw John and Marlena (his grandmother!) under the bus and conveniently forgot to mention the years the two thought they were married before doing the deed on that conference room table. Then he went on a tirade about Paul’s mother. 

Maybe she just whored around for so long that she couldn't keep track of who was who and that's why...


I’m not condoning violence but when you call someone’s mother a whore, you deserve to take a punch. Of course Will was quick to make sure he looked like the victim who needed Sonny’s protection. The only upside to it all was the way Paul stood up for himself and stood up to Will outside of Club TBD. I really hope that Sonny sees the truth about his weaselly, lying husband soon. 

There were scenes with Nicole/Daniel/Xander/Serena and Eric but they were too mind numbingly boring to write about. Even that stupid elephant statue got screen time. 

Justin and Adrienne fought again and as much as their fights are getting repetitive, I still enjoy watching these two slug it out over their mutual infidelity and what got them to this point. Is there hope for this couple? Do I want their to be? I’m still not sure but I’m willing to go for the ride and see where they end up. 

Finally, Kimberly arrived in Salem and I was thrilled to see her. Theresa has been on an emotional roller coaster ride and now there’s a baby and it makes sense that her mother would want to be there to help.

But does Kim really think that taking Theresa and baby Tate (hey, the name is actually growing on me!) back to California and away from Brady…Tate’s Daddy, is the right thing to do? Does she think that Victor would allow his great-grandchild to be whisked away without a fight? And does she know so little about her daughter that she thinks Theresa would readily walk away from what it means to be the mommy of a Kiriakis heir?

Kim is in for a rude awakening on many fronts and I look forward to seeing it. 

As for Brady's proposal...I think I'll wait until next week and see how it all plays out.

So what do you think TV Fanatics. Do you want to see Paige...

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