Days of Our Lives Round Table: Name That Baby

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It was a big week on Days of Our Lives as Will threatened Clyde, Theresa finally got to meet her son and we all were left to wonder whether or not Kristen DiMera is dead!

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Jack and Stickywicket from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to debate baby names, the Melanie/Brady/Theresa triangle, a possible Rafe / Eve coupling and much more.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Now that there’s a baby in the mix, would you rather see Brady paired with Melanie or Theresa?

Nick: Neither, I don't like Brady with either girl. He has great chemistry with Kristen and Nicole.

Jack:  Ideally, I'd like to see Brady continue to date Melanie while co-parenting with Theresa. But if Theresa really does soften somewhat, she and Brady might be interesting, so I'm torn.

Stickywicket:  I would rather see a Brady and Theresa pairing, not only because they have a baby together but they have great chemistry! It is not a Shane/Kimberly chemistry yet, but has very good possibilities!

Christine:  I actually like Brady and Melanie together and like Jack, I’d love to see them try to find a way to co-parent with Theresa but I’m doubtful that will happen…at least not smoothly.

What should Brady and Theresa name their child?

Nick: Honestly, even though it's a remnant of Kristen, I love the name Christopher and I would love if they kept it.

Jack:  Isaac Shane Black (or Donovan) after Brady's mother and Theresa's father.

Stickywicket: I do like the the name Donovan for a first name, and wouldn't that just irritate Victor, to have a constant reminder of his archnemses Kimberly and Shane Donovan?

Christine: What’s Victor’s father’s name? If Theresa’s smart, she’ll cozy up to the head of the family. He might hate her but as the mother of his great-grandchild, she’s family now. 

Will is taking on Clyde. Who do you want to see win?

Nick: Will, Clyde and the rest of his boring clan need to get out of Salem.

Jack:  As much as I hate Clyde, Will needs some comeuppance. Plus I want to see what Victor will do if Clyde hurts Will, since he hates them both.

Stickywicket: Oh how I would love to see Clyde win this one, I think Clyde already has the upper hand.

Christine:  Clyde is a child abuser and a murderer and yet I’m still rooting for him over Will. That’s how much I dislike Will. I hope Clyde wipes that smug smirk right off his face. 

Eve and Rafe finally met. What do you think of them as a potential couple?

Nick: I'm all for it. Rafe is left in such a supporting role that I forget he even exists, and I completely hate Eve right now since all she's doing is sticking her nose in the boring relationship of Paige and JJ.

Jack:  I really want to see Eve with Eric, but that doesn't appear likely to ever happen, so I'm interested in a potential Eve/Rafe pairing. Rafe was married to Sami and isn't bothered by Nicole's sneaky side, so maybe he'd be good with Eve, and as a bonus it gets her away from the teens.

Stickywicket: I did see some chemistry between the two and think they would make a great couple.

Christine:  I was really hoping they’d get Rafe and Nicole together but if that’s not going to happen,  Rafe and Eve could be interesting. Anything that gives Rafe more screen time and gets Eve away from Jennifer, JJ, and Paige is a good thing.

Can Hope and Aiden manage their work conflicts?

Nick: Of course, nothing thrown at Hope and Aiden so far has broken them, a little work difficulties won't either.

Jack:  I think so. They're the one couple that's written with longevity in mind, so I'm sure they can overcome this.

Stickywicket: I think if they love each other and are really invested they will find a way.

Christine: Hope and Aiden act like the only grown ups in Salem most days. I have little doubt they’ll be able to manage their differences, although a little bit of friction is always fun.

Was their anything that disappointed you this week in Salem?

Nick: Daniel Freaking Jonas and Nicole, ugh, spare me.

Jack:  More garbage between Daniel and Nicole. I'm sad about how they've ruined the couple I most wanted to see get together, especially when Jen has thrown the exact same accusations Daniel's way because of his relationship with JJ. 

Stickywicket: I have to say I enjoyed watching the scenes play out this week, so I would have to say no!

Christine:  Daniel blowing up at Nicole…again. He’s such a hypocrite and I’m praying that Nicole walks away and never looks back but I doubt that’s going to happen. 

What was your favorite quote or scene from this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Nick: Marlena's puppy comment to Kristen!

Jack: I really loved seeing Theresa with her baby. When she saw him for the first time and when she put him in Brady's arms were both emotional for me.

Stickywicket:  I loved seeing the other side of Theresa when she thanked Melanie for reuniting her and her son, that is the Kimberly in Theresa that we knew was there, very touching.

Christine:  Yeah, Theresa finally getting to hold the son she didn’t even know she had was the best moment of the week. 

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