Days of Our Lives Recap: Is Kristen DiMera Dead?!?

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It was a jam packed week on Days of Our Lives as Teresa and Brady met their baby, Clyde put Will on notice and Kristen took a header out a window thanks to Marlena. 

Everything about the embryo stealing saga came to a head in Italy as Kristen decided to kill off Brady, Melanie, and Teresa and take off with baby Christopher. The plan might have worked if not for Marlena unwittingly walking into the middle of it. 

Yup, just as many fans suspected, when Marlena thought she was being so smart sneaking into Victor’s to steal Paul’s address, she actually got Kristen’s address in Italy instead. 

I have to admit, getting to see Kristen and Marlena snark at one another once again was a lot of fun. As when Kristen was claiming to be getting medical care for a sick baby in the village and Marlena was buying none of it in this Days of Our Lives quote

Aww. Will you stop and rescue a puppy on the way?


My favorite part was watching a drugged Teresa still manage to fight off Dr. Mandrake. I guess he didn’t expect her to have built up such a tolerance! But it was great to see her fight for herself and her baby.

Speaking of which, this changes the entire dynamic in the Melanie/Brady/Teresa triangle. I want to see Teresa grow as a person now that she’s a mom but I think it’s more likely that she’ll use their child to win Brady back. 

With Marlena in Italy, that left a surprise guest on Paul’s doorstep. Not only did he have to deal with his own new daddy, John, but Sonny’s father also showed up. 

It was great to see Justin be the man we know him to be. He loves his son and wants the best for him, whether that means Will or Paul. These scenes made me even more excited to see Justin back in Salem.

Back in Salem, Kate and Adrienne got into a serious cat fight. Adrienne slapped Kate. Kate punched her back! Lucas has certainly got his hands full. 

Will walked into a hornet’s nest, whether he realized it or not. It’s kind of sad that Clyde abused his kids and killed EJ and I still find myself rooting for him over Will. Something about Will’s egotistical smirk really gets under my skin. I had to laugh when Clyde told Will…

Let me say it again slow, with little words in case my accent makes the meaning unclear. Don't Do. It.


Chad finally told Abigail how he feels about her and it was hotter than any sex scene she’s had with Ben, ever. I just wish she’d stop showing up at Chad’s house to set him straight about how much she doesn’t want him. It’s happened so many times now it’s downright laughable.

Daniel showed up with flowers to woo Nicole, only to make a complete ass out of himself once again. I couldn’t believe the way he yelled at her about looking into Dr. Mandrake for Melanie and not immediately telling him about it. Didn’t he have this same conversation with Jennifer concerning JJ not all that long ago? Not only does Daniel have a bad temper, he's a hypocrite.

I was thrilled when Nicole threw his flowers in the trash. If only they’d stay there. 

Finally there was Xander. I won’t mention Serena. I just…can’t. But Xander looked so much like an eager puppy when Uncle Victor asked him to stick around Salem that I almost wanted to pick him up and take him home. Well, it might have been the expression on his face and those amazing abs…just saying. 

Check back in Sunday morning for our Days of Our Lives round table to play Name That Baby but for now, tell us TV Fanatics...

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