Days of Our Lives Round Table: What Should Paige Do Now?

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Will took a punch from Paul, Kimberly Donovan arrived with big plans for Theresa and baby Tate and Paige learned the truth about her mother and JJ last week on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Vanessa and UhSir from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Paige’s next move, Kimberly’s plan, and Brady’s proposal on Days of Our Lives. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Do you want to see Paige stay in Salem or head to California?

Nick: I'm willing to pray to multiple Salem gods at this point to get Paige out of this town. She's too boring to stick around.

Vanessa: I want Paige to leave for California. I mean dang, her mother and her boyfriend did the deed. She's hurt and angry, she needs to go calm down.

UhSir: I want her to stay in Salem. I've always liked Paige. I want to see her struggle with how this revelation changes her.

Christine: Part of me feels that having her leave Salem would be a waste of the build up of this story…expect for the fact that Paige is just so boring! Please let her head to California and not look back.

What do you think of Kim’s plan to ship Theresa and baby Tate back to the west coast?

Nick: A completely stupid plan. There's zero chance that it'll work out since Brady is the father.

Vanessa: This kinda has me ticked off, Kim hasn't been around for a while, so what gives her the right to just pop up?

UhSir: Kim should know better than to assume that idea is even the least bit sane. Even if Theresa wanted to go with her, Kim should know that Brady, and especially Victor, will do everything in their power to keep the baby in Salem.

Christine:  Wow, when did Kimberly become this person? Theresa’s not a child, she has a child and she should be consulted before plans are made. Don’t even get me started on taking the baby thousands of miles away from his father!

How much of the blame should Jennifer carry for Paige finding out about JJ and Eve?

Nick: I can't believe I'm about to help Jennifer, but, quite honestly, Jennifer doesn't share much in the blame game. She was trying to protect JJ and mitigate as much of the damage as possible. Could she be smug about it while still having her son's interest at heart? Absolutely. Jennifer wanted her son to find his happiness with Paige, and sometimes it is much better when secrets are kept secret.

Vanessa: Jennifer couldn't help Paige finding out. It's Salem it was bound to happen anyway, but what I can blame Jennifer for is  thatshe withheld the truth from Paige.

UhSir: A lot! Jennifer is a big contributor to hurting Paige. Her behavior in all of this has made no sense to me.

Christine:  Eve owns the vast majority of the blame here but Jenn’s decision to blackmail Eve and push JJ and Paige back together was a disaster in the making. Her actions took a horrible situation and made it worse. 

Brady is proposing to Melanie. What do you think she will say?

Nick: "No, I'm going back to Europe, and I'm bringing my father with me."

Vanessa: She's going to say no, even though she wants to say yes. In Mel's brain she's thinking there's no room for her.

UhSir: I hope she says no. I'm not a fan of this pairing. It's ruined a wonderful friendship.

Christine:  Oh Nick. If only! I beg that she says no. Even though I’m not anti-Brady and Melanie, this is a knee-jerk reaction on Brady’s part. They just began their relationship. It’s way too soon to be talking about marriage. 

Was there anything that disappointed you this week in Salem.

Nick: Will's continued character assassination. I'm hoping he's given a reboot soon.

Vanessa: Sonny kicking Paul out, Will was a prick and he needed to get knocked out.

UhSir: Nicole still pining for Daniel. I love that she's going after Xander and Serena but I hate that she's doing it because she thinks that's how she'll win Daniel back.

Christine:  Nicole. I can’t remember when her storyline didn’t revolve around winning back a man. First it was Eric and now it’s Daniel. It’s a horrible waste of a wonderful character. 

What was your favorite quote, scene or story from the week?

Nick: Justin and Adrienne's continued spats are very enjoyable just for the sole reason of having them on my screen each week.

Vanessa: Abby: "I make these snap judgments about people... it's not fair, not right." - That's an understatement, babe.

UhSir: Scene: Paige confronting Eve about the conversation she'd just overheard between Eve and JJ. Both actresses had me absolutely mesmerized.  Quote: Rory after realizing Paige was telling the truth, "Oh, dude!"

Christine: Surprisingly it was Chad and Abigail’s conversation in the park. These two are pretty entertaining when they’re talking like normal adults and not playing games. 

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