iZombie Round Table: What is Max Rager?

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Despite last week's hopes for resurrection, Lowell is in fact dead. I hope you all took the time to grieve because Liv sure as hell didn't in iZombie Season 1 Episode 10

Despite Liv turning into a bit of a lush as a coping mechanism, the episode as a whole opened a new (and final) chapter for the season.

Join TV Fanatics Stacey Glanzman, Amanda Steinmetz, Terri Clark, Whitney Evans and Lindsay MacDonald as we break down Major's fake insanity, the new Max Rager mystery and Liv's questionable grieving methods. 

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Izombie Round Table

Favorite joke/quote/scene?

Stacy: My favorite scene was Major comforting Liv. I'm not in a hurry to see them get back together, but I am really loving seeing them support each other as friends.

Amanda: I liked the dramatic scene on the boat. I thought Sebastian was the scariest character we've met yet. That was so creepy the way licked her blood! Now he's a zombie! I'm worried what he'll do in retaliation.

Terri: My favorite scene was when Liv finally let herself break down and Ravi held her while she sobbed.

Whitney: I have to agree with Stacy here. I loved seeing Major comfort Liv. It was extremely sweet and a nice little glimpse into their former life together.

Lindsay: The snuggle scene between Liv and Major was definitely a stand out moment for me.

What do you think of the way Liv handled Lowell's death? Did she grieve well?

Stacy: Yeah I think so. There's not really a right way to grieve and everybody does it differently. Eating an alcoholic's brain probably influenced her method of dealing, but she wasn't driving or otherwise being irresponsible, so I don't think spending a night or two on a bender is a big deal. The real issue is whether or not she can get past the guilt she's feeling.

Amanda: I think she handled it as best she could. She was bound to break down by the end of the episode.

Terri: She did in the end, but she started off with hardcore avoidance and that never works. Rose McIver got me in the gut with those final scenes. First, when she confessed her culpability to Ravi, then when she allowed herself to feel and finally landing on the conviction to deal with Blaine.

Whitney: I was waiting for her to breakdown and when she finally did, I broke right along with her. Liv needed to come to gripes with Lowell's death in her own way and at her own pace. I'm just glad she let herself cry and really feel the grief so she can deal with it instead of avoiding it.

Lindsay: I think her numbness, both emotionally and alcohol induced, were the most moving parts for me. I don't think a vendetta against Blaine is the best way to cope, but I agree that he needs to be stopped. 

Max Rager seems to be at the heart of the zombie mess, but how do they factor in?

Stacy: To be honest, I was not as focused on the case this week with all the other drama that was going on, so I'm not really sure. Maybe they were testing some product that caused the zombie virus?

Amanda: I don't know. They could very well just be an evil corporation who doesn't care about the harmful effects their product causes. But it has to be more than that, right?

Terri: I'm going to go with evil corporation too. I'm betting the side effects were accidental, but greed kept them in the business. It's always about money, isn't it?

Whitney: I have no idea how they factor in but I love me some Steven Weber and wouldn't mind if we saw him again.

Lindsay: I'm curious to see if they'll ever link Blaine up to Max Rager. There was suspicion earlier in the season that he added something to the Utopium that caused to zombie problem, which begs the question: where did he get the special zombie ingredient in the first place?

Was Liv right to let Major think he was going nuts, or should she have told him?

Stacy: I still think it's too soon for Major to know the truth, but since the writers are escalating that, she probably should have told him. I get her reasoning that he would be safer in the mental hospital, but I can't see myself letting someone I cared about think he was crazy when he wasn't. That has to be a truly awful feeling, and he's going to be hurt when he eventually finds out that Liv is a zombie and she didn't tell him.

Amanda: I thought that was a bit unfair of Liv to do to Major. That's not right to let someone think they're going crazy. It looks like he'll find out anyway, since that other patient dropped the Z-word on him.

Terri: I think it's too early for Major to know. Then again I thought it was entirely too early to kill off Lowell and look where that ended. A morgue drawer that's where and I'm not at all bitter. That aside, I can think of a hundred different things she could've done other than tell the truth or have him locked up in a mental hospital. To let him think he's losing his mind and allow him to admit himself is just cruel. He's going to be hella pissed when he finds out the truth and realizes she let him get locked up. I'd be mad too!

Whitney: One of my biggest issues with The Flash this season was the whole "let's not tell Iris that Barry is the Flash" plot. And Major is now becoming the Iris of iZombie. I think it was okay for him to be left in the dark for awhile but I just can't get behind Liv thinking it's okay for him to commit himself. If I was Major, it would be really hard for me to forgive my friends for lying to me.

Lindsay: I agree with Whitney, at this point it's getting too hard to suspend disbelief in the case of not telling Major. It feels contrived for dramatic effect, like with Iris. But Liv allowing him to think he's crazy instead of telling him the truth will surely become a big point of tension for them when he does eventually find out. 

We got a cute moment of support/friendship between Liv and Major. Do you think we'll see any romantic development by the finale or is that on the books for Season 2?

Stacy: Like I said above, I'm content with keeping them as friends for awhile. For them to have a romantic relationship, Major would have to know she's a zombie, and I still don't know how a zombie/human relationship would work.

Amanda: I don't think there will be a full on romantic reunion in the finale, but possibly in season 2. The writers are doing a good job by showing us the solid foundation of friendship that will always be there between them, despite the fact they are broken up. The scene where he comforted her was a perfect moment to show the audience that they care deeply for each other.

Terri: I think it'll be season 2. They've each got too much pain in their lives at the moment. Hopefully, they'll just continue leaning on each other as friends.

Whitney: I still think Major finds out about Liv in the finale and I think season 2 will find them connecting again. I wouldn't mind some flashbacks to them as a couple in the meantime so we can see what their relationship was like.

Lindsay: Oh, I would love flashbacks to their couple days! I think the writers are doing a great job of making them likable together without shoving their "forbidden romance" down our throats, so I'm content with the way thing are now. Next season maybe they'll mix things up! 

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