Scandal Season Finale Teaser: Three Words. One Goal.

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The Scandal season finale is nearly upon us.

What else do you even need to know? Allow us to repeat ourselves: Scandal. Season. Finale.

As appropriately teased in the following trailer, those three words should really be all fans need to hear in order to get excited for next Thursday night:

Still, here are some more words:

Titled "You Can't Take Command," Scandal Season 4 Episode 23 will focus entirely on Olivia and her team... trying to take Command.

That will be their sole goal, their only mission, consequences be damned.

But this is a Shonda Rhimes finale. Why do we feel like there will be major consequences that viewers will wrestle with all summer long?

Look for the fate of Mellie's election to also be decided next week and then look through the following photo gallery to see which ABC shows have been renewed:

No shocker that Scandal is on that list, right?

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

Olivia: I'm proud of you.
Fitz: Liv...I'm grateful. Thank you.
Olivia: Goodbye, Fitz.

We have one goal. To bring down my father and to shut down B613 for good. To do what is right. So you tell the truth and you tell the whole truth. No matter what happens. No matter who gets hurt.