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Mellie Grant meets with Rowan Pope, masquerading as Damascus Bainbridge, as Scandal Season 4 Episode 22 begins. He butters her up calling her the most interesting First Lady the Republic has ever had before handing her a folder containing information about his special interests. The folder contains images of her with Andrew Nichols. She sends Liz out of the room and asks who he is.

He wants a list of names or he'll go to the press with the images as well as Fitz' Remington file, exposing both of their scandals to the world. Mellie asks Liz to get her the list.

Jake Ballard goes in front of the Grand Jury and David asks about Remington. Jake wants to reframe the story so that the blowback on Fitz isn't so terrible, but David disagrees, saying they stick to the story as it is. Olivia gives the go-ahead stating that their only goal is to take down Rowan Pope and B613. 

Olivia calls Fitz who is on his way to sign the Brandon Bill into law standing next to Clarence Parker. When Olivia gets quiet on the phone, Fitz knows that something's wrong. She congratulates him on the bill and wishes him luck on Mellie's election before telling him she's proud of him. Huck rushes in to tell Olivia that something terrible has happened and they enter a parking garage to find the Grand Jury slaughtered.

They were the names on the list Rowan Pope demanded.

At OPA, everyone is quiet as David Rosen brings in his files and tells Olivia that he's done. Everyone who heard Jake's testimony is dead so Olivia must find another way to take her father down. 

In the White House, Mellie finds Cyrus as he tries to manage the current crisis. Abby grows concerned when she learns that David isn't returning Cyrus' calls and Mellie confesses to Cyrus that she killed the grand jurors. 

Olivia rants to Jake that she wants to win this fight against her father once and for all and Jake tells her that he'll go where she goes. She goes to see her mother in prison. She wants to learn how to play the game, but Maya Pope proves less than helpful until she helps Olivia realize that the problem is that no one knows Rowan Pope exists and that's why no one can destroy him.

Mellie and Cyrus discuss her current crisis. She tries to tell him that she did what she did for Fitz and the administration, but Cyrus isn't listening until she says "Remington." Upon hearing that word, Cyrus changes his tune and says he'll take care of it, making her promise not to tell Fitz.

Olivia asks Huck, Jake, and Quinn to meet her at the CIA where she has a plan to meet with the director herself. She wants to tell Director Lowry about B613 and her father. After sharing details of several cases, Olivia looks into the director's eyes and knows that Lowry already knows about B613. 

Cyrus visits Rowan at the Smithsonian where Rowan informs Cyrus that he executed the grand jury as a favor to Cyrus and the administration and now Cyrus owes him in return. Lizzie visits Mellie in her office and once again tells Mellie that she'll do anything to help her win, but she wants to know why Mellie needed the list of names. Mellie tells her.

Cyrus meets with Lowry at the CIA where he learns that she plans to have Rowan Pope arrested and brought in for questioning. Cyrus cautions against that. Jake and Olivia are put in jail instead.

At the White House, Fitz thanks those who've helped Mellie on her campaign to become Senator and praises his wife for her drive and dedication to their family. David meets with Cyrus and threatens Abby should David continue his case against Rowan and B613. Cyrus wants Olivia and Jake to recant in order to be released from holding. Jake signs because Olivia signs, and she signs because she believes Jake has signed.

Abby confronts Cyrus and wonders if he's killed Olivia and whether he had anything to do with the dead jurors. He tells her he doesn't have a soul. 

While Olivia sits in bed drinking wine, she gets a call from her father. He wants her to know that he's taken care of anyone who could possibly identify him as Command and the files linking him to the crimes of B613. He thanks her.

Mellie wins her election and while watching in the wings, Lizzie tells him about Rowan Pope's involvement in Mellie's campaign and the favor he asked for, to which she agreed. 

At OPA, Olivia fills Quinn and Huck in on the details of her release from CIA holding and the agreement she signed and Quinn says they still have the money Huck stole from B613. They can trace it back to the group and Rowan and that's their way to get to him. Huck doesn't think that will work but they come up with an alternate plan which will. 

Quinn knows that Huck has been working with Rowan and that he was the assassin who killed the grand jury. He begs her to shoot him and she can't. 

As they celebrate in the Oval, Fitz says he won't let Mellie become President because of what she did with the jurors. He tells her to pack her bags and get out of the house. Then he fires Cyrus Beene.

Jake tells Olivia goodbye as Mellie leaves her home and Cyrus turns in his badges and Lizzie moves into his office.

Fitz pays Olivia a visit, but she doesn't answer the door. She's waiting for him at the White House.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

Olivia: I'm proud of you.
Fitz: Liv...I'm grateful. Thank you.
Olivia: Goodbye, Fitz.

We have one goal. To bring down my father and to shut down B613 for good. To do what is right. So you tell the truth and you tell the whole truth. No matter what happens. No matter who gets hurt.