Days of Our Lives: Abigail Sleeps With Chad

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There were lots of angry residents in Salem this week as Chad and Abigail fought after spending the night together, Will got snarky with Paul, Eve plotted revenge against Jennifer, and Brady laid down the law with Theresa on Days of Our Lives. 

It's almost time to bring baby Tate home but Brady has a plan. First he wants to make sure that both he and Theresa will remain in Salem for at least the next year. Second…is anyone’s guess but Brady looked very serious when he told Theresa that things were going to change. I’m just wondering how long it will be before we see Theresa and the baby moving into the Kiriakis mansion. 

Abigail’s life is almost as much of a mess as her brother, JJ’s. Well, almost. She’d have to sleep with Clyde for that to happen. (Yikes! I need to burn that image from my brain.) But Abby’s running a close second. The girl truly has issues. In college she tried to bed a married man (Austin) and when it didn’t work she made him think they’d had sex anyway. Then she made Sami’s fiance, EJ her conquest. Now she’s changing things up and cheating on her own boyfriend with Chad. 

I actually felt sorry for Chad when he came around the corner and heard her tell Ben she loved him. Yes, Chad handled it poorly, reacting in anger and trying to humiliate Abby but he knew he was about to be dumped once again. Unfortunately his pre-emptive strike only served to prove everything that Abby has feared about him. 

I only wish everyone in Salem didn’t think Ben was such a great guy. He’s had his own problems with the law, much worse than Chad’s, yet somehow he gets a free pass because Chad is a DiMera. 

Vying for the creepy dad awards were Clyde and Stefano. Why are these grown men so involved in their son’s love lives? That’s just weird. However, I loved it when Chad called out Stefano in this Days of Our Lives quote on knowing a little too much about what was happening between he and Abigail.

So did you have somebody watching me or do you have cameras in my bedroom and do you have any notes on my performance?


But Clyde took things to stalker level when he encouraged Ben to secretly put an app on Abigail’s phone to track her. I guess no one trusts anyone in Salem.

Hope was hot on Clyde’s trail, realizing that he may be the person responsible for Sonny’s stabbing. She has no proof yet but Hope’s not about to give up no matter how many times Rafe and Victor tell her to back off. The only question is, how will Clyde react and will Ciara and Chase end up in danger before it’s all over?

This week was also Arianna’s birthday where Kate took a moment to “accidentally” out Lucas and Adrienne’s affair to everyone. Justin appeared to want Adrienne back, even though he was all set to run back to Elsa just last week. And Will hit a new low when he badmouthed Paul to little Ari. 

Xander and Serena were still in Salem but I’m hoping they make their way out of town soon. Xander practically lost his mind when Uncle Victor turned on him and it appears he may be taking his anger out on Nicole any day now. 

Although I’m not Daniel’s biggest fan, I really appreciated the way he handled JJ this week. He was more honest and direct with him than anyone else has been, especially when JJ begged him to help win Paige back…

JJ: Daniel, please. You are my last chance.
Daniel: Your last chance was a long time ago.

Finally, Paige confronted everyone involved with the debacle that is her love life. She now knows that both Jennifer and Daniel hid the truth from her. I have to say I’m enjoying angry, snarky Paige way more than I’ve ever before enjoyed this character. She even sent that jerk at TBD packing with more force than I ever would have expected. 

Instead of figuring out a way to make amends with her daughter, Eve focused on making Jennifer pay. What else is new? Haven’t we been down this road before? The only difference appears to be that Jennifer’s family history of mental illness will somehow come into play. Intriguing? We’ll have to wait and see.

But I have a serious question for all of you TV Fanatics. If you could choose one character who should be getting psychological counseling in Salem, who would it be?

Check back with us on Sunday morning to read what our Days of Our Lives round table team has to say about the events in Salem this week. 

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