Girlriends' Guide to Divorce Casts Rhetta in Recurring Role

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Abby is about to get another rival!

Rhetta has been cast on Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 as Barbara, a rival editor at Lisa Edelstein's Abby's new place of business. Apparently, Barbara isn't all that keen on Abby's positive look at the art of conscious uncoupling.


From what we've seen of Rhetta on Parks and Recreation, we could guess that Barbara will give Abby a snarky run for her money.That's definitely something we're excited to see!

Girlfriends' Guide will begin filming their sophomore season this summer. 

We'll bring you more news as it comes our way!

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Abby: Well, people know. I can tell. Eric Frank eye-banged me at drop off. He's like a divorce seeking missile.
Lyla: Yeah, well, he finger-banged Marjorie Davis so count yourself lucky.

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Jake: Screw you.