Days of Our Lives Recap: Daniel Proposes!

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It was a big week in Salem as Daniel popped the question to Nicole, Clyde figured out that Abigail is pregnant and JJ decided to go undercover this week on Days of Our Lives.

Wasn’t it just a few short weeks ago that Daniel didn’t think he could trust Nicole enough to even date her? Well, apparently knowing that she almost baked to death has changed things…so much so that Daniel proposed! 

I may not be Daniel and Nicole’s biggest fan but the proposal was sweet and I was proud of Nicole for asking questions about Daniel’s motivations (was this just a reaction to a life and death situation) and whether or not Parker knew she could be his new step-mommy. 

Daniel and Nicole looked so darn happy they almost won me over, that is until Serena entered the picture. And why is Serena still in the picture? Who do I have to pay off for her to be shipped out of Salem, never to return? 

But I digress…Eric loves Nicole and Serena overheard him say they almost made love. Almost being quite a stretch in my mind. They kissed! Clothing had already been removed because of the intense heat but Nicole maintained that she loved Daniel the entire time. This all seems like it’s Eric’s issue but I have no doubt that Nicole will end up miserable and alone because of it. She always does. 

Doug and Julie cruised their way back to Salem and had lunch with John and Marlena. It was great to see these show veterans together once again. I hope we get more of it in the near future. 

Paul was getting along with everyone in Salem: Sonny, Will, Chad, Ben, John, Brady…everyone except Kate. As for the product name Vanquish, you vanquish a headache or a demon. Unless Kate’s planning on Photoshopping devil horns and a tail on Paul (and I wouldn’t put it past her), the name doesn’t hold much appeal for a cologne. 

There was lots of family bonding time with John, Paul, Brady, and Tate and those scenes played flawlessly. They all seem very comfortable together, like family. 

And wasn’t it refreshing to see Will act like a normal human being again? He made an effort to include Paul, he gave emotional support to Sonny and he was the voice of reason with Abigail. This is the Will I remember. Where has he been all year?

JJ decided to go undercover to take down Kyle and I was so relieved that he insisted on telling Jennifer. First off, when he told her, she actually managed to act like a concerned mother of an adult child instead of a teenager. Second, Jennifer’s going to be hurt enough when she finds out that Abby didn’t tell her about her pregnancy, at least both kids aren’t keeping secrets. 

Speaking of Abigail…oh my. The moments between her and Kayla and her and Hope were wonderful but my favorite scene had to be Chad with Ari. Hearing him talk about never getting to know baby Grace before she died just broke my heart. If it didn’t break Abby’s then she simply must not have one. 

But Abigail is hurt. Chad said horrible, hurtful things to her and now she thinks that Ben is her safe, sane choice. If only she knew more about Ben’s daddy because there's nothing safe or sane about the Westons. 

Clyde was incredibly creepy as he stalked Abby, realized she was pregnant and that there’s a chance that Chad could be the father.

Here’s my one huge request…PLEASE, don’t let this turn into another DNA test swapping storyline! This show has done that to death (Belle, Will, Parker, etc.) I don’t think I can sit through another one. 

Chad is such a mess right now. He loves Abigail but he fears his father. Wait until he finds out that Abigail is pregnant! I think there’s plenty of drama in this story already, it really doesn’t need the addition of the silly Irish inheritance angle. 

Thankfully Chad has Marlena to help him navigate all of this. Now if he can just get Abigail to listen. 

Your turn TV Fanatics...Do you want to see Nicole and Daniel get married?

Don't forget to check back on Sunday for Days of Our Lives round table! 

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