Days of Our Lives Recap: Who's the Daddy?

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Abigail and a handful of other people learned she was pregnant, Eric confessed his feelings to Nicole and Hope and Aiden finally enjoyed some romance this week in Salem.

Daniel and Nicole moved in together and I have one question. How did Nicole pack all of that stuff into a standard hotel room? The best part was when Hope found the engagement ring. She may not be a fan of Nicole but she wasn’t nearly as judgmental as other Salemites. 

And that wasn’t the only box Hope opened. It must be her detective instincts. 

Abigail’s pregnancy test. Hope found the box for Abigail’s pregnancy test in the garbage. At least she at the sense to hide it from Ben and Jennifer, especially Jennifer! I can’t even imagine her reaction but I’m pretty sure it’s the last thing Abigail needs right now. 

So far, Will, Kayla, and Hope know Abby’s pregnant. Will and Kayla both know it could be Chad’s. How long before Stefano and Clyde find out? I just hope that no one messes with the paternity test. We’ve been down that road too many times before.  At this point Chad and Ben will probably be the last to know about this pregnancy.

Unfortunately, a simple love triangle is about to get really convoluted by Abigail getting an amazing inheritance from some nanny who helped raise her but we hadn’t heard of until recently. Now, not only will Stefano and Clyde be fighting over a grandchild, they’ll be fighting over a fortune. No good comes of this. 

Hope and Aiden shared an anniversary celebration for that horridly boring gala where they had their first dance in a back room, not even on the dance floor. Thankfully the anniversary turned out more entertaining than the event they were celebrating. It’s hard to go wrong with Aiden in a tux! Their interactions were very romantic. Too bad we have to wait so long between dances.  

And I hate to be a pessimist but when Aiden started talking about how he’d hate to live without her, I couldn’t help but fear that it was foreshadowing of something horrible around the bend. 

Adrienne surprised Justin by signing the divorce papers. It actually turned into a scene that was heartbreaking and heartwarming all at once. Their marriage has been broken for a long time and it was wonderful to hear them being honest about it however, it was the flashbacks that completely won me over. Days really needs to use more of its classic flashbacks whenever the original actors are still on the screen. These were a great reminder of all that Justin and Adrienne had together and have lost. 

Theresa continued to disappoint as she got rid of the nanny in order to prove to Brady that she's a good mother. Perhaps she should just concentrate on being a good mother and then let Brady notice. Just a thought. 

Elsewhere in Salem, Eve had a revelation about her craziness. Eric really is a good influence on her. As Eve said herself, he was direct but not angry and completely non-ambiguous. Eve needs that.

But will her transformation last? Will she actually reform or will she wake up tomorrow and still decide to drive Jennifer over the edge. 

Unfortunately, Paige seems halfway to crazy herself between conning her mother out of thousands and dating a drug dealer just to annoy JJ. The best thing she could do for herself would be to get out of Salem and start over but then she couldn’t make people suffer. Perhaps Paige has more of her mother in her than she’d like to admit. 

Will, Sonny, and Paul continued to orbit one another. Will was slightly less infuriating as he at least owned his idiot plan at the park by telling Marlena about it. Also, his annoyance at Paul in this Days of Our Lives quote was pretty funny…

The guy was in the closet six months ago and now he's the gay guru?


Unfortunately for Will, where Paul exudes steady confidence despite just coming out, Will is a mass of insecurities and low self esteem. 

And that’s a wrap for this week in Salem. Don't forget to check back in Sunday when our Days of Our Lives round table team answers our question but now it’s your turn TV Fanatics...

Tell us who you hope to be the daddy to Abigail’s baby?

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