Days of Our Lives Round Table: Do You Want a Daniel/Nicole Wedding?

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JJ began working undercover, Daniel popped the question to the Nicole and Chad tried to share his true feelings with Abigail last week in Salem. 

Our TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by Jack and UhSir from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate whether or not Daniel and Nicole should get married, if JJ’s making the right decision for the right reason and will Abigail ever believe Chad really loves her after last week’s Days of Our Lives. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Are you hoping to eventually see a wedding for Daniel and Nicole?

Jack: Yes yes yes! I was rooting for this couple back when they were "just friends" with underlying sexual tension, and now that they are back to acting more like themselves I'm hoping they make it all the way to the altar, even if Daniel's idea of waiting to propose was to wait one day.

UhSir: Nope. I don't like the pairing.

Christine: I’m torn. I was pro Daniel and Nicole before he began acting like a complete jackass and distrusting her at every turn. I keep waiting for him to turn on her again. Plus there are an awful lot of Eric and Nicole fans out there. Honestly, in the end, I just want to see Nicole happy. She’s spent far too many years being miserable. 

Do you think JJ is going undercover for the right reasons?

Jack: Not exactly. I think on some level he does believe that he can atone for his former drug behavior and that he's making a difference, but those are secondary to wanting to save Paige. Plus he still thinks he's a bad guy because of this whole mess with Eve. As time goes on and he gets some self-esteem back, maybe he'll get his priorities straight though.

UhSir: JJ going undercover is ridiculous for any reason. You don't throw an untrained, hot-headed, hormonal, ex-druggie teenager into a drug dealer's den.

Christine:  In real life, UhSir is completely correct but since this is a soap so I’ll give this story some leeway. At least JJ is acting like an adult, making some difficult decisions and taking some responsibility for his actions. He was also honest with his mother while refusing to back down. This could be a whole new reality for JJ. 

If Chad does tell Abby why he lied to her, do you think it will change her feelings for him?

Jack: Not yet. I think he has to prove himself because he's gone back and forth so much she can't trust anything he says to be how he really feels. I also think she never stopped loving Chad, so in that sense there's nothing to change.

UhSir: I don't think her feelings will change because I think she wants to be with him now. I hope Chad gets the chance to be honest with her and that she will allow herself to admit how she feels.

Christine:  Poor Chad. I think he’s really trying to do the right thing but he’s hurt Abigail so much that she won’t want to hear the truth. I think Jack’s right and Chad is really going to have to prove to Abigail that he loves her before she’ll believe it. 

Does Stefano really care about Chad’s happiness or is he just after Abigail’s inheritance?

Jack: I am hoping (and am maybe in denial) that this inheritance business is a red herring Stefano threw out there because he knew Clyde was eavesdropping. Anyway I do think on some level Stefano cares about Chad's happiness but not as much as he cares about maintaining the Dimera dynasty.

UhSir: I think Stefano actually does care. His explanation for why he "needs" that inheritance doesn't make any sense to me. I don't think he gives a hoot about it. 

Christine:  Oh Jack, I pray that you’re right! The inheritance angle of this story is just ridiculous. And I do hope that there’s at least a part of Stefano that wants Chad to be happy but if money is involved, odds are that will trump everything else. 

Was there anything that disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: Other than the waste of film known as Serena Mason, you mean? How about Brady running all over town trying to find out what Xander/Serena are up to when he has a new baby who is now nannyless? In other words, where's the rest of that storyline?

UhSir: The way they did Daniel proposing to Nicole. First they make it look like he's going to break up with her then after she says yes she takes off and leaves him sitting there alone. Proposals are supposed to be romantic!

Christine:  What happened to the silly nanny-gate story? Who’s looking after little Tate? Theresa? Maybe, but she was off camera most of the the week. I can’t even comment on Serena. Every moment she’s still on screen is a complete waste. 

What was your favorite quote, scene or story line from the week?

Jack: I never thought I'd say this, but I loved JJ's honest conversation with Jennifer. It seems both mother and son are growing up.

UhSir: Chad and little Ari having an actual conversation.

Christine:  I loved everything about Chad this week. He and little Ari were adorable. I also liked that Marlena realized that Chad needed someone to talk to and didn’t let him blow her off. She’s one of the few people who understands the Dimera dynamic and doesn’t discount Chad because of his last name. The poor guy has no one to open up to so I’m thrilled that he has Marlena. 

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