Days of Our Lives Recap: Stefano Visits Abigail

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Stefano offers to off the beefsteak, Paige tells Jennifer to get a clue, Nicole finds she may actually have friends in Salem while Ben pushes Abigail to leave the state on this week’s Days of Our Lives.

Poor Abigail. It’s hard not to feel sorry for her. Abby is working very hard to convince herself that she’s happy to be marrying Ben and having his baby but let’s face it, nobody is happy. Abby is going through the motions of being a blushing bride while Ben believes she really wants to be with Chad. 

Ben’s plan to move to the the west coast was almost laughable. He must be expecting an awful lot of “help” from his daddy if he thinks they can afford a nice home in Santa Monica, California on his bartender salary. And where does he think Clyde’s money comes from anyway?

Will Abby agree to a quickie wedding and then running off to start over? That’s a far cry from what Ben promised her when he proposed, but then he didn’t suspect she was carrying another man’s child.  Abby’s answer for wanting to stay in Salem should be simple. She’s having a baby and she wants to be near her family. We’ll have to wait and see if she uses that explanation with Ben and how he’ll react if she does.

Chad was pining most of the week and Stefano offered to help by killing off the beefsteak (aka Ben). If only he would! But Chad’s a decent guy and doesn’t want to have someone murdered for taking his girl, especially if Abigail really does love the beefsteak. 

I can’t even imagine what Stefano plans to say to Abigail but I can’t wait to hear it. 

Over at the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa managed to stay on even after her broken ankle debacle, but that’s only because Brady doesn’t trust her alone with their child…

The only two people that Theresa has to rely on in this whole world is her psycho sister Eve and Ann Millbauer.


Unfortunately, Caroline’s stroke probably isn’t enough to get Theresa to change and at this point I’m not sure if anything ever will.

I’d always had high hopes for Theresa. She’s the daughter of one of Days' veteran super couples. She could have a compelling back story but we’ve never heard any details about her supposed difficult childhood. Instead Theresa is simply selfish and manipulative, even when it comes to her own child and that make her hard to root for no matter how much potential she has. 

Speaking of Caroline, I wish they had spent more time on her stroke storyline. It feels like they threw it in just to have Serena save her so Eric had an excuse to forgive her and for Brady to view Theresa as human, if only for a moment. 

On the upside, Maggie went to visit Nicole and these two had my favorite scene of the week. Realizing that Nicole is the woman that makes her son happy, Maggie offered an olive branch and tried to shed a new light on Nicole’s past mistakes in this Days of Our Lives quote

(to Nicole) You have been through unbearable pain and you lost your way. I know what that's like.


Maggie doesn’t want to be friends, she wants them to be family. It’s about time someone was kind to Nicole. 

Paige stormed over to Jennifer’s to do…what exactly? If JJ was really dealing again, does she think Jennifer could stop him? She certainly couldn’t the first time. Paige was this strange mix of self righteous and desperate when she told Jennifer to “get a clue!” I’ve really grown tired of her obsession with JJ.

Yet another one of Will’s schemes was brought to light when Paul realized that the only way Derek could know so much personal information about him was if Will had fed it to him. Now, the big question is, will Sonny buy Will’s spin on his latest manipulation or will he finally have enough of his lying spouse.

So what do you think TV Fanatics? Has Sonny finally had enough of Will?

Don't forget to check back on Sunday to see what our Days of Our Lives round table team has to say about the latest events in Salem. 

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Shawn-Douglas Brady: You know what? For the first time in my life, I'm glad that my dad is biologically a Kiriakis.
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