Days of Our Lives Round Table: Which Character Do You Want Back?

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Paige told Jennifer to get a clue about JJ, Will spun yet another lie for Sonny and Stefano visited Abigail last week in Salem. 

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Andyroo and Trey from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to debate whether Theresa can be redeemed, if Paige was out of line, and which characters they wish would come back for the Salem bicentennial. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Was Paige out of line when she told Jennifer to “get a clue” about JJ?

Jack: If it were two years ago I would have said no. But at this point, she is beyond out of line. Jen knows the full story, which Paige does not. Also I think Paige was saying rude and hurtful things in the hopes that she could get revenge by getting Jen to bar JJ from attending his sister's wedding.

Andyroo: Paige needs to get a clue herself and move on. Even if JJ really was getting into drugs again himself, it’s not Paige’s business anymore. She can’t whine about wanting him out of her life and then keep trying to parent him. 

Trey: Yes and no. Paige is still concerned about JJ. Just because you are mad at someone doesn't turn off the protective and caring feelings for someone. But, for someone who wants to have JJ out of her life, she finds a way to be drawn back into it.

Christine: Wow. So very out of line. Paige is still so angry and yet she keeps finding ways to stay in JJ’s orbit. It’s sad and she needs help but unfortunately she has no one reliable in her life she can turn to to find it.

Do you think Sonny will believe Will’s spin about sharing Paul’s personal information with Derek?

Jack: No. Will is stumbling around trying to find that spin and not telling Sonny what's on his mind. Besides, they've been down this road too many times before.

Andyroo: I hope not. Sonny has given Will way too many chances at this point. It’s clear that even when he’s being a “good guy” it’s always with an ulterior motive. Will is too insecure in himself and in their marriage, and I really just want them to call it quits at this point.

Trey: Sadly, yes. Sonny has swallowed so much of the lies and guilt that Will has served him, that I think that he'll follow Will blindly. He deserves so much better!

Christine: I think this may be the last straw. Honestly, if it weren’t for Ari I think Sonny would already be gone. Will is such a train wreck and it’s not something that Sonny can fix. I’m afraid that if he stays with Will he will always be miserable. 

Any ideas about what Stefano is going to say to Abigail?

Jack: I hope he's going to congratulate her on her pregnancy! That's the Stefano I remember.

Andyroo: I think Stefano is going to either want proof that the baby isn’t Chad’s OR he already knows what Clyde did and the baby really is Chad’s. His end game is definitely to tie Abigail to Chad, so he can get the land in Ireland. And now that she’s already accepted Ben’s proposal and is starting to feel happy about it, to find out the baby is really Chad’s would add to the drama.

Trey: I hope he doesn't threaten her. I hope he puts some doubt in her about the man she's going to marry and the evil "father" that comes with him. Clyde is horrible.

Christine: I really have no idea how Stefano plans to sway Abby. Does he know about the baby? Does he know about Clyde’s machinations? I can’t wait to find out exactly what Stefano has planned because it could be fun to see Abigail try and deal with him. 

Is Theresa redeemable? 

Jack: It's going to take a lot of work. She needs to have a moment of awareness of what she's been doing, and soon, and actually try to change her behavior. She can't keep using Tate as a pawn or she will cross over into unredeemable territory.

Andyroo: Theresa is a mess and has done plenty of bad things, but nothing that makes her irredeemable in my opinion. (Okay, almost killing John and blaming it on Brady was pretty bad, but still.) She’s a sympathetic enough character that I love to hate her. She just needs to get over Brady and move on.

Trey: I think there's a chance for her, but she doesn't seem to want to be redeemed. She seems like she's out for Brady and his money more than the welfare of her baby. I think it'll take Tate being out of her life before she decides to be a mom to him.

Christine: I’ve been rooting for Theresa for a long time now but she’s absolutely horrible. Even having a child hasn’t changed her innate selfishness one bit. I’m truly disappointed. 

Salem will be celebrating its bicentennial soon. Keeping things spoiler free, which character would you most like to see return to Salem for the celebration?

Jack: If only people could come back from the dead in real life. I'd love for Tom and Alice to make a ghostly appearance. Since that's not possible, how about some more of the original Hortons? Marie and Julie should both be there. And I've been waiting forever to find out what happened to Andrew Donovan so how about he makes a surprise visit.

Andyroo: I most want to see Shawn, Belle, and Phillip return (Chloe and Mimi could come too). That’s the generation that I grew up with, and it makes me sad to not have such important characters on the canvas anymore. 

Trey: I hope to see Bo or Patch/Steve. They have always been my favorites.

Christine: The character I miss the most is Jack Devereaux but since he supposedly died at the bottom of an elevator shaft, I doubt I’ll get my wish. I’d love to see Philip come back to Salem to round out the Kiriakis clan and it might be nice to have Shawn and Belle back too. 

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: The whole town falling over themselves to thank Serena. Let me get this straight. A couple years ago JJ risked his freedom to get Theresa medical help and he got blackmailed. Serena risked nothing and called 911 and everyone thinks she should have her statue erected in the square. Please! 

Andyroo: The fact that Serena is still on the show.

Trey: I'm disappointed in Theresa's reactions to finding out she's staying in the Kiriakis mansion. She should be afraid that Brady thinks she's a danger to Tate, and not happy that she has another chance to manipulate Brady. This girl needs to put her priorities in order fast.

Christine: I hate to beat a dead horse but what was with Saint Serena? She watched a woman pass out in front of her and dialed 911. Does every resident of Salem really have to trip over themselves to thank her?

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from the week?

Jack: Abby telling JJ and Jen about her engagement and pregnancy. The family scenes were perfect, and as a bonus we actually got to see JJ smile!

Andyroo: Maggie and Nicole’s scenes were my favorite. It was sweet and true to the history of the characters. Let’s be honest, if Maggie can marry Victor, she should be okay with her son marrying Nicole. Although her daughter-in-law will be her husband’s ex-wife…but that’s Salem!

Trey: There were quite a few. The one that surprised me most was Rafe talking with Kate about his feelings towards Hope. I don't think he recognized his feelings until it was said out loud.

Christine: Definitely Maggie accepting Nicole and understanding that many of her past actions were brought about by unbearable pain. It was a very touching scene and I’m hoping to see more of these two together in the future. 

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