Days of Our Lives Recap: Patch is Back!

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Steve (aka Patch) popped back into Salem to turn things upside down for Kayla, Joey…and Hope? 

Yes, Patch is back and I didn’t realize how much I missed him until he showed up this week. Now Kayla finally has something to do instead of occasionally playing doctor at the hospital or listening to somebody else’s woes.

Suddenly she’s got the love of her life who wants her back, even though she hates him for bailing on her and Joey…who thanks to a case of SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome), in no longer banished to the back room of the pub and can be a brooding, belligerent teenager. 

Oh, and has anyone even mentioned Stephanie? Does she ever have contact with either of her parents?

I was really looking forward to Steve and Hope’s reunion. I’ve always been a big fan of their friendship but things have changed between them. Since Steve bailed on Kayla and Joey much the same way Bo (supposedly) bailed on Hope and Ciara, Hope’s welcome was less than warm. It was downright frosty. 

The visit I didn’t expect was Steve and Victor…which was awesome. These two have known one another for decades. They know each other’s dark sides so there’s no reason to hide them. Is Steve right? Does Victor know more than he’s letting on about Bo or is Victor correct and Steve is using Bo as a distraction from him own crumbling family?

A little of both, I'm guessing but I'm thrilled that these two will be working together to bring Bo home. 

Oddly enough, I thought I was over Bo Brady but all it took was the smallest flashback to have me looking forward to his possible return. 

John kept pushing for a romantic reunion with Marlena and I’m still not sure what I think of these two. I used to be a big fan but that was long ago and it’s going to take a lot to get me on board. Of course if they keep throwing in fun Days of Our Lives quotes like this for Marlena, they might win me over…

John: Do we really want to live in sin at this point in our lives?
Marlena: I kind of liked it.

Aiden’s proposal fell flat and I was surprisingly happy about that. First, because it’s simply too soon. Second, of course, because Aiden is lying to her. Is this all about the money? Money was an issue for Aiden and his first wife. Does he love Hope but he also needs her trust fund to get him out of a jam. If so, that’s sad and Hope deserves so much better. 

The ladies lunching turned into a horribly awkward family gathering as Maggie and Julie gushed about Aiden’s proposal in front of Caroline. Not to mention that Hope hadn’t told Aiden yes. In the end, Hope was right. These two just wanted to plan a party. 

Caroline trying to remember the passcode on her phone was a small but heartbreaking moment. I’m not sure what was harder to watch, Caroline struggling or Victor watching her do it. That’s why I love Victor so much. He can be tough as nails but when it comes to the people he loves, he’s soft and caring. 

Chad’s the prime suspect in Serena’s murder and the worse it gets, the more like a distraught little boy he looks. It’s kind of adorable. But Chad’s supposed guilt brought out the worst in several people. Ben chose to believe the worst which was no surprise. The only upside there was that the more Ben slammed Chad, the more Abigail defended him.

Justin turning out to be a power hungry district attorney whose only interest appeared to be taking down a Dimera was such a disappointment. He didn’t seem to care whether or not he had the actual killer, as long as he put a Dimera behind bars. Abe called it when he told Justin he was acting inappropriate and unprofessional. I expected more from Justin.

Perhaps the worst of all was Eric who once again turned into a judgmental jerk with little provocation. Did he judge people this harshly when he was a priest?

JJ’s lucky he didn’t need a priest this week as he came face to face with Clyde. One of the best moments was Clyde learning that JJ had slept with Eve. Not only did that bit of truth explain why Eve would set him up, it also fed Clyde’s male ego and built a bond between he and JJ. 

Now if JJ would only do the smart thing and tell the cops because telling everything to Paige will probably only end up getting her killed.

On the upside, Kate finally had enough of Clyde's chavaunistic crap wrapped in hillbilly charm and broke things off. How the drug dealing, murdering, bully will handle getting dumped is anyone's guess but I can't imagine him walking away quietly. 

Finally we get to the bidding for Basic Black. I know this is a soap and we all have to suspend some of our better sense to really enjoy it but come on! Theresa can barely show up for work and keep a roof over her head and now she wants to buy a company? It really is ridiculous but if it finally gives this character some sort of focus that doesn’t include winning back Brady or getting revenge on someone else, I’m all for it.

What I really have my fingers crossed for is that somehow Kate, Nicole, and Theresa will all end up working together. Kate and Sami were huge fun when they finally conspired together. With some adjustment time the same could happen here and I’d love to see it. 

So TV Fanatics, who do you think should end up with Basic Black?

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Shawn-Douglas Brady: You know what? For the first time in my life, I'm glad that my dad is biologically a Kiriakis.
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