Days of Our Lives Round Table: Do You Want Bo Back?

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What a week in Salem? Paige is dead. Eve is in agony. Bo Brady is alive and Aiden is working for Stefano! Every day involved another shocking twist.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Villa281 and Mikey from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to discuss if they will miss Paige, if they’re happy about Bo’s return,  and who they think is the real killer in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Paige is dead. Will you miss her?

Jack: Yes, absolutely. Paige and J.J. had a ton of potential before the writers ruined everything, and they were finally getting back on track.  Her last scenes with J.J. were so very reminiscent of Jack/Jen from 20 years ago, too. I'm very sad about the wasted potential and I have mourned her death harder than many soap character deaths.

villa281: Yes Personally I will miss Paige. I like her and J.J. as a couple. I get why people didn't like her, the writer never truly developed the character the way they needed to. There was a lot of potential there.

Mikey: Not a bit. The character was such a drip, and I think she's always been more effective as a notion -- this good, pure person for whom both Eve and JJ wanted to be better -- than as a walking and talking character. The potential for story to grow from this tragedy is so much greater than anything Paige would've done had she lived.

Christine: Paige bored me from day one. I agree with Mikey, she worked better in concept but never turned out to be a compelling character. I think the ripple effects from her death will be much more interesting than Paige every was. 

Will Paige’s death help change Eve for the better, or just solidify her quest for revenge against J.J. and Jennifer?

Jack: I think Eve will make a serious effort at change, but I don't think she will be able to take the fact that Jennifer's son is very much alive. And if she finds out J.J.  found Paige's body and knew before she did she may go nuts again.

villa281: I think it will probably be a little both. I would imagine the death of a child would change anyone for better or for worse, and I don't think Eve can get much worse. However I do think she will be looking for someone to blame and J.J. is an easy target for her.

Mikey: I would like to think the former, but let's be real: this is going to push Eve so far over the deep end, at least at first. I suspect she'll be even more resentful that Jennifer has her kids while Eve doesn't have her daughter. (Her line to Marlena -- "I'm not a mother" anymore -- was heartbreaking!)

Christine: Her scenes with Marlena gave me hope that she can change for the better…but I’m not kidding myself. I think she’s going to go crazy when she finds out that J.J. was the one to find Paige’s body. 

Bo is back. Rate your excitement on a scale of 1 (ugh) to 10 (yay!) and explain why?

Jack: About a 3. I'm upset that they trashed Aiden as part of bringing Bo back and that totally taints the enjoyment. These scenes of Bo in what reminds me of a Nazi concentration camp are not helping either. 

villa281: 10, I am a big Bo and Hope fan they actually got me hooked on Days when I first started watching in 1983.

Mikey: 8. Bo is classic Days, and Peter Reckell has been an important part of the show for decades. I'm excited to have him back. What I'm not excited for is a rushed Bo and Hope reunion, throwing Aiden under the bus in the process. I would much rather they’d played out a long triangle in which Hope had genuinely moved on but found herself torn. That's so much more interesting to me than "Bo = good, Aiden = evil."

Christine: About a 7. I thought I was over him, until I saw him again. A couple of Bo and Hope flashbacks and I was back on board. The only downside has been the complete destruction of Aiden. Simply watching Hope wrestle with her feelings for these two men would have been a wonderfully story. 

Is Chad the killer and if not, then who?

Jack: Absolutely not. Too much evidence points towards him for him to be the actual killer, plus I think this is a vehicle to get him and Abigail back together. My money is still on Ben even though it's also too obvious, so I'm probably wrong.

villa281: I don't think Chad is the killer, it is never the obvious choice. I was thinking Clyde, but that might also be a little too obvious. A friend of mine has a theory that it is Ben, that he knows Abigail slept with Chad and is trying to get revenge. Personally I think it is a little far fetched, but it would be an interesting twist.

Mikey: No way is Chad the killer. My money's on Ben, who has been increasingly crazed. He wants to frame Chad to make sure he's away from Abigail for good. He was also lurking around the DiMera mansion, where he could've picked up that flower...

Christine: My first choice is Clyde because he’s already killed in the past. Ben is another good choice for all the reasons stated above but I just don’t know if he’s a killer. I can’t think of another viable candidate but I certainly don’t believe that it’s Chad. 

Does Aiden actually love Hope?

Jack: I think he does. He either was attracted to Hope at around the same time that Stefano came along with his offer or he fell for her somewhere along the way. I won't believe otherwise unless I'm forced to. There's too much genuine love in their scenes.

villa281: I thought so, but now with this twist I don't know what to think. I never saw it coming that Aiden would associated with Stefano.

Mikey: I would like to think so. I think he's certainly grown to care for her. You can't fake that! I'm hoping for some layers here, like Aiden has to marry her to satisfy Stefano but actually does want to marry her, too.

Christine: I’m completely blown away by the Aiden/Stefano twist. I never saw it coming and it makes me question everything I thought I knew about Aiden. I think he really cares about her…but given the way he’s been lying to her even that is up in the air. 

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: Paige's death should have been related to the undercover story so that JJ and Eve would have a real reason to feel guilty. I also wish someone had thought to page Marlena to evaluate JJ while he was being questioned. I hate how he never gets the help and support he needs in a crisis. And why does 75% of Salem not know yet that Paige is dead? Unrelatedly, I don't want to see them put Daniel/Nicole on this crazy jealousy track again.

villa281: Lucas getting his heartbroken for the millionth time. The show needs to really invest in getting him a viable love interest. Unfortunately I don't really see that happening.

Mikey: Marlena's hideous striped sweater and highlighter-yellow dress! Other than that, it was a pretty good week. I'm taking a 'wait and see' approach with a lot of the show, because clearly things are still being shifted into place. I thought there were going to be more flashbacks and discussions about the past with Julie, Maggie, and Caroline on Friday -- the stuff about the Martins was so cool to hear onscreen! -- and I was sort of bummed that it was so truncated.

Christine: OMG! That sweater dress was horrible! I wasn’t a fan of Nicole’s dress either. Maybe Theresa can design something new for both of them. Other than that, it was Adrienne breaking up with Lucas. They seemed so happy and her decision came completely out of left field. 

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from the week?

Jack: As tough as they were to watch, J.J.’s scenes after he found Paige really moved me. As for funny scenes, I thought Theresa's spontaneously hugging Nicole was hilarious.

villa281: I really loved the mention of history. Julie talking about the Martin family, although it bothered me she didn't mention they were her son David's family. I also like Marlena mentioning her son D.J., and his death. I also thought the flashback of Caroline and Shawn were sweet. Hopefully we get more flashback as we get closer to the 50th. 

Mikey: The scenes between Kate & Nicole and then Kate & Theresa were absolute gold. Those interactions felt so fresh and interesting. I loved Kate mentoring Theresa and teaching her never to say "thank you," and how Nicole told Kate, "I wouldn't work with you if you were the last bitch on Earth!" Love seeing these women with some interests and ambitions outside of chasing men.

Christine: So much good stuff this week! I loved Kate taking Theresa under her wing. Theresa has both Kate and Maggie mentoring her, two characters who couldn’t be more different. This is going to be fun. 

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