Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Breaking the News

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We're back for another Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

On Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 4, Owen tries teaching the interns a lesson, but Meredith's approach turns out to be more effective.

Join TV Fanatic writers Stacy Glanzman, Elizabeth Harlow and Ashley Bissette Sumerel for a discussion of this episode! And don't forget to share your answers to these questions in the comments below!

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Was Owen right to have the interns give bad news to the families?

Stacy: That's a huge part of their job and they have to learn sometime. However, it might have been a good idea to have them practice with other doctors first to work on their technique before letting them talk to real families.

Elizabeth: Absolutely. Like Stacy said, this is a huge part of the job. This is something they should have practiced in med school anyway – it's an actual class. But he was also right to have them do it because at this point they are the least critical people when it comes to patient care. His mistake was in not making sure they understood the heart of Meredith's lecture before they were sent out in the first place.

Ashley: Agree. I think the idea behind it was important, but they should have been more prepared.

How do you feel about the way things are moving forward after Derek's death? Do you think the show is working without him?

Stacy: I actually think the show has been working really well so far without him. I'm glad they haven't forgotten about him, because that would be unrealistic, but I haven't missed him.

Elizabeth: Okay, time for me to make my confession: I did not like Derek. I thought Derek was the worst. I know he was supposed to be this great guy, and part of an epic love story, but...he was the worst. He was selfish, and he lied, and he was a cheater, and he told Mer he'd wait for her to be ready and than started dating that nurse like a week later. If it wasn't the all Derek show all the time he threw temper tantrums. So in short, yes, I think the show is working without him. I mean, I would have rather they gotten divorced (for so many reasons), but yes, the show works.

Ashley: I'm also really happy with how things are going. The focus should be on Meredith, and for a long time, he was just bringing her down. I didn't necessarily love Derek either – I didn't hate him, but I was more apathetic.

Did you think Stephanie was telling the truth about her clinical trial?

Stacy: Yes, the possibility that she could be lying didn't even occur to me. That was way too personal and detailed to be something she came up with on the spot. I was really mad at Jo for leaping to that conclusion.

Elizabeth: I'm not a terrible person (despite not being Team Derek), so of course it didn't cross my mind. I've been ambivalent to lukewarm about Jo in the past, but she just outed herself as a superbly crappy friend.

Ashley: The idea that she could be lying didn't occur to me either. I can't believe Jo jumped to the conclusion she did, and I was also really upset with Amelia for taking that at face value.

Was there anything in this episode that you could have done without?

Stacy: I definitely could have done without Jo automatically accusing Stephanie of lying without even bothering to ask her. I'm also not really sure I'm on board with Callie's girlfriend turning out be Derek's doctor. I'll have to see where that goes.

Elizabeth: Yes to what Stacy said, especially about Callie's new girlfriend. I also spent commercials fantasizing about what outrageous catastrophe could eventually take out the intern I've decided to call "McCreepers."

Ashley: I didn't need April's crying scene, and I didn't like Jo's accusation either. Yuck.

What was your favorite quote or scene from "Old Time Rock 'N Roll?"

Stacy: I loved Arizona's story line. That old man was so sweet and the whole thing was just so sad. My favorite scene was Arizona crying in the supply closet. She really nailed it and I liked the small injection of humor when she told April this isn't about her.

Elizabeth: I just loved Gabby! The scene where she is eavesdropping on Maggie and Mer was great.

Ashley: Meredith's speech. It was definitely emotional, but it also shows that what she's been through really is going to have an effect on her character. It was so well done, too.

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