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Maggie is flustered after having sex with the intern.

At the hospital, the doctors prepare for what they call a "silver flood."

Meredith says she hasn't thought about sex since Derek died, and she feels like she'll never have an interest in it again.

Arizona makes friends with a patient, who tells her about his new found love.

Stephanie disagrees with the way Amelia is approaching treatment. She lets Jo step in to try and take her place, but when Amelia sees it, she gets angry.

Owen tells the interns it will be their responsibility to break the news to families that their loved ones have died.

Amelia asks Stephanie why she handed over her patient, and Stephanie reveals that she was put in a clinical trial for Sickle Cell anemia when she was five. Jo doesn't believe the story is true.

Arizona breaks down in the supply closet. April breaks down about her own issues as well.

Amelia invites Jo to the dinner party. Jo tells Amelia that Stephanie lied about her story.

When Amelia confronts Stephanie and tells Richard, he confirms that Stephanie did in fact go through that trial.

When Meredith learns about Owen's lesson, she confronts him and then takes over, because she has some pretty important advice to give them.

Arizona is nervous about the fact that Callie is bringing her new girlfriend to the dinner party. When Callie arrives with her girlfriend, Meredith recognizes her as the doctor who couldn't save Derek.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 4 Quotes

Aw sweetie, this is about me. This isn't about you.


How many hours? How many days? How many surgeries have you spent with Edwards? She's been your right hand, so why was it so easy to question her integrity based on the word of a doctor you barely knew?