Once Upon a Time Round Table: Is Rumple a Worthy Hero?

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There were a lot of shocks on Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 3. We had Emma trying to find a hero, King Arthur being deemed a villain and the return of Lancelot. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Robin Harry, Amanda Steinmetz and Allison Nichols are joined by Gareth from OnceUponAFans. Read on as they discuss Emma's hero, Lancelot's return and what they expect to come next...

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How do you feel about Rumple being Emma's hero?

Gareth: I liked the twist. I had a feeling that Rumple, being a “blank slate”, would play some part in him becoming more heroic and becoming the Saviour, but I had no idea it would be at Emma’s behest. Interested to see where they take this storyline. Poor Gold, he has spent half of the series as someone’s prisoner!

Jim: I think it is an interesting twist. I think it would be fun to see him turn into the "White Knight" we saw in the storybook version that Henry rescued everyone from. I just hope he and Belle can find real happiness at some point.

Allison: I'm actually really excited to see Rumple awake and under the Dark One's thumb. This could make his character entertaining again. Plus, I'm looking forward to seeing how Rumple reacts to Emma as the Dark One. He's been in her shoes, so they could have some pretty interesting conversations. For instance, does Rumple miss the Darkness or does he wish his name was never on the dagger?

Amanda: I think this is a smart move. I love the character of Rumple, but it's been difficult to maintain his storyline without getting repetitive. Giving Rumple a blank slate is full of possibilities. Maybe this will prove once and for all if being evil is in his nature.

Robin: It's an interesting twist, though I'm not sure I buy it. The only way Rumple could be an actual unbiased blank slate is if he had no recollection of his past whatsoever. Does he remember being the Dark One? Does he remember the choice of becoming the Dark One? In any case, I'm willing to suspend logic to see where this goes, and I'm happy that Robert Carlyle will get some good work to do this season. He was so grossly underutilized last time.

Will Belle go head to head with Emma to have Rumple back?

Gareth: Yes. I think Belle is going to do everything she can to find out what has happened to Rumple. She is pretty resourceful when she needs to be so I don’t think Emma should underestimate her abilities. She will go all out to save her Beast!

Jim: I have to agree with Gareth on this one. Belle managed to tame the beast once, I don't think she's willing to let him go now!

Allison: She's definitely going to Emma first. Honestly, I'd rather see Belle do something that didn't involve Rumple. I'm not really digging the Rumbelle. The magic died out for me awhile ago.

Amanda: Why wouldn't she? As much as Rumple has continuously let Belle down, she can't help but love him and hope he can become the man she wants him to be.

Robin: I think she'll either challenge Emma, OR go along with her to protect Rumple. I suppose that giving Rumple a blank slate also gives Rumpel and Belle a blank slate. Hey, if this storyline also gives Belle more work to do, I'm all for it.

Was it really Lancelot who told Snow about King Arthur?

Gareth: Yes. I think it is really Lancelot this time, although I would love to learn what happened between him and Cora? A flashback for another time maybe.

Jim: With all the alternate time-lines I don't remember which one Lancelot died in, so seeing him back alive was awesome, and I do think it is really him.

Allison: I think it was. I share in Jim's confusion, so some clarification on what really happened when back when we thought we were seeing Lancelot die would be great.

Amanda: I think it's Lancelot and Cora just lied about killing him.

Robin: I'm glad I'm not the only one who forgot what happened to Lancelot! It makes sense that it would actually be him. His return was a nice development in this story.

Make a prediction for what will happen over the next few episodes.

Gareth: I think Arthur will discover the truth about Emma’s identity as the Dark One, which will lead to a split in the group in Camelot. I have also been wondering where Merlin is? Did they succeed in getting him out of the tree? Did Emma kill Merlin while in Camelot because he tried to stop her from pulling the sword from the stone? So many questions!!

Jim: Emma claims she is still herself, Snow/Charming make statements about how she's their daughter, and the rest of the town complains about how the Dark One is being mean.. you know... the usual.

Allison: Damnit Jim, stop stealing my answers! I expect Snow and Charming to just talk about how worried they are about Emma while never actually doing anything about it while Hook is the only one actively trying to save Emma from herself. Regina will continue to pretend she's the savior while I constantly roll my eyes at everything she says and does. Oh, and instead of focusing on Emma's transition, we will spend time on Arthur's shadiness or literally anything else that's tangentially related to Emma becoming the Dark One.

Amanda: I agree that Snow and Charming will remain inactive in trying to help their daughter. I see Hook and Regina taking on that challenge. As far as Camelot goes, I'm guessing Lancelot's news about Arthur will cause a shift in the group, and Emma will continue to struggle with her dark side.

Robin: Jim, you're the best. I rolled my eyes so hard at Snow's little encouragement speech. Hook and Robin Hood are gonna try to break into Emma's house, but she's gonna see them coming. Arthur's going to turn out to be a misguided villain. So is Arthur the bad thing Emma told Regina about? Also, Leroy's gonna be mad at something.

What was your favorite scene?

Gareth: Loved all the Dark Swan scenes. Jennifer Morrison continues to impress in her dark persona. Her scenes with NotRumple are probably the best thing about this season.

Jim: I have to agree again with Gareth. I actually said to my wife that I was really enjoying getting to see Jennifer Morrison play something different that the "doe-eyed" clueless Savior.

Allison: Leroy yelling at Charming to stop playing helpless parent and start being the town Sheriff again. SOMEONE needed to yell at Charming and kick his ass into gear since apparently he can't hear me. I may talk/yell at my screen sometimes...okay, a lot.

Amanda: I'm with the guys. Jennifer Morrison is killing it as the dark one! She seems like she's having a blast playing the dark side of Emma.

Robin: Hook's confession about Rumple actually moved me. The whole time he's showed nothing but contempt for Rumple, but it turned out that he feels responsible for helping to create the monster that Rumple became. That was huge.

Note: Once Upon A Time Season 5 Episode 4 airs Sunday October 18 at 8/7c on ABC.

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