The Originals Q&A: Danielle Campbell on Davina's Quest For Control, Binge Watching and More!

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Davina Claire is having a difficult time controlling her covens, and that's not going to change tonight on The Originals Season 3 Episode 2. She does have a plan and that plan is probably going to make a lot of people incredibly cranky. 

As was teased in last week's premiere, Hayley is critical to Davina's move to make the covens respect her, advice she received from Marcel, her friend and protector. 

What might we see take place on tonight's installment? And what's coming up for Davina on The Originals Season 3? We got the chance to chat with Danielle Campbell! Read on for her answers!

Davina in Control - The Originals Season 3 Episode 2

TV Fanatic: We saw Davina get advice from Marcel regarding what she should do to take control of the covens. Are we going to see her take his advice?

Danielle Campbell: I think Davina doesn't trust a lot of people and the one person she knows she can always go to no matter what's happened is Marcel. He's always her fallback. He's always her safe place. So when Marcel says she needs to make a power play to make the witches stop, she's going to take that seriously.

TVF: Is that part of why she has Hayley right now?

DC: I think it is safe to say that Davina is looking for a way out and Hayley could be the person to help her do it.

TVF: Taking Hayley to bring the covens under her control seems like it's going to cause a little more drama for Davina than it's going to solve. Klaus, Elijah, even Cami, will all be angry. Can you talk about that?

DC: Right now you see Davina and she's brought Hayley into a secret place so that she can talk to her, so right now, we don't know what that discussion is about that she's going to have, but we do know that Davina is desperate and she needs help as to how to solve this problem. She doesn't know how to make people stop saying horrible things or how to get this situation under control, so I think she definitely has a plan that Hayley can help her with. And Hayley has quite a temper so I think it can go one of two ways, one being really good and one being really, really bad.

TVF: Yeah, Hayley has a temper. That's a little bit of an understatement!

DC: [laughing] Yeah, exactly. 

TVF: And now you've taken Hayley away from her daughter on the one night of the month she can see her...

DC: Oh yeah, that's not helping.

TVF: Will we see more drama between Davina and the covens before we see a resolution of that storyline?

DC: I think you definitely will.

TVF: Is Kara her main challenger?

DC: Right now Kara is definitely her biggest problem! I think she made a statement and it was the wrong one.

TVF: We saw Marcel take Vincent to task for abandoning Davina. Is he going to come back around and start to mentor her again?

DC: Well, I think right now Davina is hellbent on doing everything on her own and she's been running into a lot of problems in trying to keep it that way. So there's a lot of room for her to realize that she can't do everything on her own and she needs help. She was sort of put into that mindset because everyone she's trusted before has hurt her, or have turned against her and led her on a wild track. I think she's tired of that and that's why she's been trying to do everything on her own.

TVF: So is this season, the beginning of it, about Davina's growth into an adult?

DC: I think it is, for sure. Davina, you know watching her from The Originals Season 1 she was this scared girl in the attic and now she's this powerful witch who is leading her covens and she's a Queen in some rights and she's leading and taking care of her people and trying to pass out orders, but she need them to respect her so they'll want to follow her. I think it's a very humbling experience for her. She definitely cares for her people and loves them and wants to do what's best for them but she also has to figure out the best way to go at that and think things through rather than just acting on impulse and suffering the consequences.

TVF: And at some point, she has to think about herself because she hasn't really been able to do that. I think that's what Kol represented for her. Are we going to see her start to do things for herself?

DC: I agree! I think what he represented for her, and what he brought out in her, was that he allowed her to be not just a witch but a girl who had feelings for a boy. He let her think for herself and he was someone who made her comfortable, and that was something that she hadn't felt in a long time. I think that now that he's gone, she's back where she was in that she's not thinking for herself. She's trying to command her people and listen to the ancestors to tell her and her people what they're supposed to do. She's kind of frantic again and trying to figure out how to lead. She hasn't had time to think for herself yet, or take care of herself.

TVF: Switching gears just a little bit, will Davina be brought in to any of the murders which have been taking place? They're a little ritualistic, so will any suspicion be cast on the witches?

DC: I'm pretty sure Cami's convinced it's the work of vampires based on the markings, so I don't think it's going to cross into witch territory.

TVF: So Davina won't be consulted to help solve these murders at all?

DC: I hope not! Davina definitely has her hands full. I'm not sure she has time for that.

TVF: That's just ONE MORE THING for her to do! Come on, people, she just wants to go get a manicure and watch some Netflix!

DC: Oh my gosh, I can only imagine Davina sitting in a chair for a pedicure and that is just NOT happening! [laughs]

TVF: I picutre her like, Netflix and chill, with popcorn and she's binge watching Orange Is the New Black or something. Like, "guys it's my night off..."

DC: [laughs] Absolutely! That would be awesome.

TVF: What would Davina binge watch? Maybe Supernatural.

DC: I think Davina has enough supernatural drama in her life. Orange Is the New Black is totally up her alley! Or a comedy or something! Her and Josh are just sitting on the couch watching Friends reruns with big glasses of wine. That would be awesome.

TVF: Come on, writers! Somebody make this happen! And then Elijah or someone can bust in and there's a crisis and they need her to come right then.

DC: She would say "no, wait until a commercial break!"

TVF: Perfect!

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