The Originals Season 3 Episode 2 Review: You Hung the Moon

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Danielle Campbell previewed The Originals Season 3 Episode 2 for us earlier today and teased that this episode would feature the teen witch's plan to unite her covens. "You Hung the Moon" did that and then some.

While it might appear to most people in New Orleans that Davina's plan worked, the former Harvest girl just created quite a mess for herself.

And if that wasn't enough to keep us all interested there's always Haylijah.

Marcel Gerard is going to have to be careful about the leadership advice he gives Davina, that is if she ever asks him for advice again. When he said display her power so they would respect her, he didn't mean murder nearly an entire coven of her frenemies.

But hey, if you have an entire group of people who don't want to listen, maybe killing their leader and those loyal to her isn't such a bad idea?

Just kidding. It's actually a terrible idea. 

Freeing Hayley from Dahlia's curse? Solid decision. Freeing Hayley so she can murder your enemies? Ehh...questionable.

When the ancestors make you bleed from your eyeballs, it's probably a good sign that what you're doing is a mistake. (Also that you should go to the hospital, but hey, what do I know?)

That the ancestors only allowed Davina to move forward with her plan to have Hayley kill Kara in order to bring the Versailles coven into the fold when she invoked the name of Klaus Mikaelson should tell her something about trusting their benevolence in allowing her plan to continue. These are not dead witches who have any sort of fondness for hybrids, so they're not allowing Hayley to live because they think she's a cool girl. 

Perhaps if Davina would just take Marcel's much, much better advice to take a night off (and binge watch Orange is the New Black, which was my suggestion...) she could think more clearly about what she's done and what she's doing. I'm actually sort of worried for what the loneliness and isolation of being regent will mean for Davina Claire as the story progresses.

This is no small challenge she's undertaken, leading these witches, and she's still so young. Her power and ability to wield magic can only get her so far. What she's missing is diplomacy and the life experience necessary to lead. Marcel wasn't wrong when he accused Vincent of abandoning her. Jerk.

The plus side of Davina's plan is that Hayley's not stuck as a wolf any longer and neither is Jackson. This is supremely important because it gave us one of the best Klaus-Hayley scenes in the entire canon. I'm actually ready to call it one of my favorite Klaus moments.

When Hayley beat the crap out of Klaus, all covered in blood, ranting and raving about how what they should both want for Hope is simply better than what they had, 100% of me was cheering her on from my sofa. Seeing Klaus just completely defeated by the acknowledgement that she was right and he'd made a grave mistake was perfection. 

Davina wasn't wrong when she told the ancestors that Hayley is the one person Klaus fears. He does fear her because they're so similar. She's not as devious and paranoid and murderous as he is, but she knows that feeling of abandonment and understands the phrase "lone wolf" all too well. He fears her because she understands him in a way no one else does.

That sort of understanding is also why he respects Cami. She can't empathize with him, but she understands why he does what he does and calls him on his crap when he needs to be called on it. 

It's absolutely horrible for his ego, I'm sure, but if Klaus is smart, he will never let these two women out of his life, even if one of them is only there because she's the mother of his child.

Speaking of Hope, I don't love the custody battle angle going on between Klaus and Hayley right now. I'd love it if they could both come to an agreement that what they BOTH want is Hope's safety and happiness and then find a way to work together to make it happen. Compromise, you guys. Work together. I don't ship them in the least, but couples don't have to be romantic to be civil. 

I'm much more interested in the Jackson-Hayley-Elijah triangle anyway.

Jackson and Hayley work in this beautifully natural way for me right now, but Elijah was absolutely heartbreaking as he told Hayley he'd never forgotten her while she was trapped in her wolf form. The glint of tears in Daniel Gillies' eyes conveyed just the right amount of pain at his knowing that he'd done everything in his power to help her and she would still be returning to Jackson. Kudos, writers. You almost made me cry tonight. Repeatedly. 

Hayley and Hope's reunion. Seeing Hope walking. Elijah's man tears. Davina's breakdown when she left Marcel. I mean seriously. Bravo.

I'm still watching the Lucien/Kingmaker murders and Cami/Detective Kinney story with piqued interest. I love that there's another human in town for Cami. That he's played by Jason Dohring doesn't hurt at all. Lucien knows about Cami and can probably suss out Klaus' feelings for her, so that puts a target on her back. Her friendship with Will puts one on his. 

I want to know all the things Lucien knows. How does he have a super secret werewolf-bite cure? What's up with Tristan and Aurora? Is she crazy? Where is this beast coming from? (Please don't say we've found a way to resurrect Mikael. Sebastian Roche is amazing, but no.)

If there's a sire line on this show that will actually be killed off, I can see it being Rebekah's. With Claire Holt on the show so inconsistently, it would make sense. And killing Rebekah's line only kills Claire Holt as Rebekah. Since she's in someone else's body, we still get to keep the character. We'll see if I'm right.

What did you think about "You Hung the Moon"? How do you feel about the way Davina managed to bring Hayley back? What are your thoughts about this beast that's coming? Don't forget to watch The Originals online and get ready for The Originals Season 3 Episode 3!

You Hung the Moon Review

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The Originals Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Klaus: Mere hours after you lecture me about boundaries and here you are at my house in the middle of the night.
Cami: I came through the front door and you appeared through the window like a creeper. Besides this is a matter of life and death.
Klaus: Oh, how novel.

This doesn't frighten you, brother, but one day your daughter will know exactly the kind of man that her father is. If anything should happen to Hayley, you mark my words, no one will have to take Hope from you. She will without question leave you of her own accord.