Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Brujo

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"I've always wanted to spend some time in a city so nice they named it Jacksonville."

Well, it's a good think Ash has always wanted to visit the city he then created in his head, because after Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 4, he's still visiting. Although, I don't think it looked the same once the sausage skin demon was done mucking around.

What a place to end the episode! How long will Ash be knocking around his own mind? Who expected Kelly to be so susceptible to the sausage demon?

Jacksonville - Ash vs Evil Dead

I guess we have to back up a bit. For some reason, I missed where on Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 3 Ash lost his hand. That sucks. It's certainly not feasible for him to walk around with a chainsaw on at all times, so he has a problem. 

During the melee I also managed to miss the moment when the sausage demon took up residence within Kelly. Oh. You're wondering why I keep calling him the sausage demon? Well, I'll tell you.

Have you ever cooked a sausage and when you took it out of the pan just a tiny bit of the skin split where you poked it with a fork or something? If just enough of it splits, it looks exactly like the mouth of that demon. His skin is pulled tight down around his head and body and then there's all this fresh meat coming out for his mouth. Just gross. a lot escaped me coming into this episode. How embarrassing. 

The gist of "Brujo" was Pablo's uncle put Ash in touch with his mind, guiding him to control his psyche so that he could reach on in there and discover what it is he doesn't know that he knows about the book so he can bring it out and help himself right his wrongs.

Except Brujo doesn't know Ash well enough to know you can't leave him unattended in his mind like that. Although Ash was doing pretty good, actually. Right down to choking the hell out of Kelly. She represented the demon in Ash's mind, so she had to be taken out.

I guess Pablo will have to figure out she's possessed and have his Brujo exorcise her so they can start over with Ash and get him out of his own head. Poor dude is going to get lost in there. But hey, he did get the opportunity to chill in Jacksonville and drink double fisted for a while.

We also discovered Ruby is the daughter of the cabin owners and Annie's sister. Annie is the chick from Evil Dead 2. Not Linda, who was Ash's girlfriend, but the gal in part two who survived a bit longer, but still died. She wasn't around in part one at all. Yeah, a little confusing. Nonetheless, Ruby is out for vengeance, and now she's partnered with Amanda, who is still just a pain in the ass. 

Sorry, but I really don't see the point of Amanda's character at all, other than to NOW give Ruby someone to pal around with. 

Lots of quips and goodies, but each week appears to get shorter. Amiright?

Chat with me you guys! It makes it even worse when you let me talk to myself...

Brujo Review

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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Pablo: What's up with your radio?
Ash: Nothin'. Like any high quality automobile, you just have to hit the dash a few times.

Ash: Pablo, I hope your uncle can help us out, because me no likey being responsible for everything bad.
Pablo: Ahh. Yeah. Me no likely, either.