Days Of Our Lives Recap: The End of Bo & Hope

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It was a heartbreaking week on Days of Our Lives that will surely make some fans happy while upsetting others for a variety of reasons. 

I’ll start with those who loved Aiden. Yes, in my opinion, the show did him wrong. They spent a year building him up to be a good guy and romantic interest for Hope only to do a complete 180 and turn him into a selfish sociopath willing to kill her to get himself out of debt. It made little sense and was difficult to watch but not much can be done about it now. 

For those fans, this week must have been difficult to watch as Aiden was vilified and all but forgotten. Murderers don’t get memorials. What Aiden fans were left with was a devastated Hope and Bo almost elevated to sainthood. 

As much as I sympathize with the Haiden fans, and enjoyed moments of Hope and Aiden's relationship, Aiden was barely a thought as I watch this week in Salem.

I grew up on Bo and Hope. I remember their first kiss, the motorcycle ride where he whisked her away from marrying Larry Welch and the romance of Oak Alley. I even skipped school just to stay home and watch their wedding. 

So although I understand how newer fans may wonder how Hope could practically forget all about Aiden and be so entirely focused on Bo in the span of a week, it makes perfect sense to me. Bo is the love of her life. Period. They shared everything. Adventure, love, children, including the son they lost. The were separated by forces beyond their control time and time again yet they always found their way back together. Bo and Hope are what it means to be a super couple and it’s something we haven't seen on Days in a long time.

I won’t say their romance was perfect but I absolutely adored watching every one of those flashbacks from their love story. 

I honestly thought I was over Bo Brady. I was all for Hope moving on with someone new because I was tired of her being back burned with little or no story. But the moment she and Bo shared the screen again, I was hooked. 

So this entire week was wonderful and heartbreaking. If we can’t have Bo and Hope back permanently then I respect the show for going this route, as hard as it is to watch. I only wish we were given more time. 

I was also relieved to see Steve be there for Kayla. Knowing that she can’t save her brother, she needs Steve more than ever. I respect Kayla for being cautious and not letting him back into her life quite so easily but I am looking forward to these two becoming a real couple once again. They will undoubtedly be complicated but very entertaining. 

One of my favorite scenes this week was Bo telling Rafe that he was dying, that he considered Rafe a good guy and that he knew that Rafe loved Hope. There were so many ways for that conversation to go wrong but it didn’t. Both men love Hope. Both want what’s best for her. Bo wants Hope to have a trustworthy person to lean on. Rafe won’t push Hope for more than friendship if that’s all she wants. I look forward to seeing how that plays out in the future. 

With so much of Days of Our Lives leaving me in awe this week, Abby and Ben turned out to be the disappointment. This abduction and her early labor have been dragged out too long. Ben has turned into a complete psychopath who doesn’t even seem to care about the welfare of his own child. I just want this story to end.

Hopefully it will soon as Chad was doing everything in his power to find Abigail. I’m glad he went to Marlena for help since no one else seems willing to listen. These two make a good pair. I can’t wait to see a Chad and Abigail reconciliation some time soon. 

Brady and Theresa faced another hurdle as Victor decided to kick her out. I’m still not quite sure if Brady is harboring real feelings for Theresa or if she is just the mother of his child and a convenient booty call. Time will tell. 

Finally there was Sami who went toe to toe with Andre who appears to be the new evil villain in town. I enjoyed how well she knows the Dimeras and was able to call Andre out on some of his bull. Will it help her? Is EJ actually still alive? 

Now it’s your turn TV Fanatics. Rate Bo Brady’s return.

Check back in on Sunday to see what our Days of Our Lives round table team has to say about this week in Salem.

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