Days of Our Lives Round Table: Rate Bo Brady's Return

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All of Salem enjoyed Bo’s return but as his health crisis came to a head, it was the end of Bo and Hope this week in Salem.

Below, TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Nurse2herbalist and KathyJ from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Hope’s love interests, Bo’s brief visit back to Salem and the fate of Abigail’s baby after last week’s Days of Our Lives. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Hope and Bo. Hope and Aiden. Hope and Rafe. Choose your couple.

Jack: Hope and Aiden all the way! I'm really disappointed that the writers chose to trash Aiden's character and destroy this couple. I have never been so invested in a couple and I've been grieving the loss of Aiden and the subsequent bashing of his character by everyone in Salem except Chase for the last couple of weeks. I feel that Hope and Bo had huge problems that were not adequately addressed (and the destruction of Aiden and the instant forgiveness of Bo doesn't help) and Hope and Rafe came out of nowhere and seems to suit the writers' agenda rather than anything that makes sense to me.

Nurse2herbalist: Hope and Bo. Even in the midst of the turmoil you can see the chemistry between them and how much they still love each other.

KathyJ: Not easy for me to choose one. I like the history of Bo and Hope but I feel it is the past. I was sorry to see the destruction of Aiden. I thought they had a stable, mature love. I like Hope and Rafe as friends. I'm not sure if that will translate into romantic love.

Christine: Hope and Bo. The moment they were on the screen again their chemistry was reignited. Their love story is something I’ve watched from day one so I really connect with them as a couple. I liked Hope and Aiden but never felt the visceral connection that Hope has with Bo. I find Hope and Rafe interesting and I’m willing to see how that progresses going forward. 

Are Theresa and Brady about love or sex?

Jack: Both. I think they started out as a means to fulfilling an addiction to sex, but now they've both grown -- and Brady is trying to convince himself that he's still all about sex when it comes to Theresa.

Nurse2herbalist: Love. Sharing a child gives them a special bond. Brady is seeing her in the new light of motherhood and fashion design instead of their previous relationship built on sex and partying. 

KathyJ: Theresa thinks it is love but I think it is more a need to be loved on her part. Brady is trying to take it slow but I think he is beginning to care for Theresa more than he wants to admit. 

Christine: I agree with KathyJ. I think Theresa feels a need to be loved more than she actually loves Brady. Brady is so wishy washy it could go either way with him. I think they have potential but I’m not sold on them as a long term couple just yet. 

Do you think Abby will lose the baby?

Jack: I don't see how she can keep it, between the stress and no access to medical care for a premature baby. Preemies need medical attention to thrive. But this is a soap so she may miraculously have a premature baby that is as developed as a full-term child.

Nurse2herbalist: I sure hope not. My gut feeling is she will eventually lose it. 

KathyJ: No, she won't lose the baby. I think there will be a new Dimera in Salem.

Christine: I’m guessing she will lose the baby and they will somehow find out it was actually Chad’s. That will give their relationship a whole new dimension and a chance to start over. 

From a 1 (worst) to a 10 (best) rate Bo Brady’s return to Salem.

Jack: I’m going to be generous and give it a 3. First he was stuck in a concentration camp for weeks and weeks, then he came home, was given a needless hero role, and very quickly developed a brain tumor and died. I thought it was all very pointless and all of the Bo worship in Salem was annoying.

Nurse2herbalist: I was hoping for a repeat of the motorcycle rescue. I was also hoping Bo would get there in time to stop the wedding. I'll give it a 7.

KathyJ:  7 - Bo'a return was very rushed toward the end with too much time spent on the jail scenes. The family memories and flashbacks were well done.

Christine: 7 - Only because so much time was wasted on the jail and torture scenes. I also don’t think he needed to save Hope from Aiden (I wish she would have saved herself and Bo instead.) But once Bo began interacting with family and friends and we got some great flashbacks I loved every minute of it. The best parts were simply too short!

What if anything disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: The instant healing of the fracture between Bo, Hope and Ciara. The fact that while everyone was busy celebrating Bo, Chase was ignored and probably left to his own devices while he is suffering deeply from the loss of his father and the fear that everyone thinks he's a murderer too. That Bo had a conversation with Rafe that if written properly would have and should have been had with Aiden. Oh, and there was no JJ this week.

Nurse2herbalist: That Bo died so quickly.

KathyJ: I was disappointed that Bo was not able to tell Caroline, Ciara and Shawn about the tumor. They had so little time together.

Christine: That Bo didn’t get final scenes with more of his family and friends, especially Shawn and Roman, and that he didn’t get more time with Hope. That it all ended so quickly was my only disappointment. 

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline from this week?

Jack: I thought the scenes with Steve and Kayla were really nice. I liked the interactions between the new teens, and Theo finding out Lani is his sister has a lot of promise.

Nurse2herbalist: Bo's request from Rafe was my favorite scene. It made me cry.

KathyJ: My favorite scene was the family party. Everyone was able to come together one last time. I liked Bo's call to Chelsea. 

Christine: I loved the conversation between Bo and Rafe.  Bo recognized that they both love Hope and that she will need someone to lean on once he’s gone. Both men handled it in a mature and heartbreakingly real way and I thought it was a great set up for a possible future for Hope and Rafe. 

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