Grey's Anatomy Round Table: The New McDreamy?

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Meredith is still trying to figure out how to deal with Penny... and the mysterious Dr. Riggs has Owen flipping out.

On Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 7, both new characters caused some controversy at Grey Sloan Memorial, and we're curious to see what happens next.

Join TV Fanatic writers Stacy Glanzman, Elizabeth Harlow, and Ashley Bissette Sumerel for a discussion of "The Me Nobody Knows."

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Was Callie out of line about the way Meredith was treating Penny?

Stacy: Yes. All I kept thinking was, Penny is an adult, she should be fighting her own battles. Callie is not helping the situation. I was glad when Penny finally told her to stop and then stood up for herself.

Elizabeth: Yeah, she was. She was undermining Penny just as much as she was Meredith, and I was glad to see Penny call her on it. If Meredith had been acting that way with any other resident, Callie would have handled the situation differently.

Ashley: Absolutely. I agree that I was glad to see Penny call her out on it, and you know what? That actually made me like Penny a little. Maybe that was the point.

What's your take on Dr. Riggs?

Stacy: I don't know. I still think we don't need anymore new characters, but I guess I am a little curious why Owen hates him.

Elizabeth: The fact that his appearance has brought back Owen's PTSD symptoms is not a good sign for him. I also thought he was a little to familiar with April last week, especially in front of Jackson. He strikes me as a a guy who is too charming for his own good and blind to his own privilege; the type who tells other people to just relax in a condescending manner.

Ashley: I think he's trouble. I agree with Stacy that we don't need new characters, except that he might provide something interesting for the characters we already have. I also saw something between Riggs and April, and I have a feeling that's going to come up. I'm also eager to see why Owen hates him so much.

Did you agree with Maggie when Amelia asked her if she was being racist?

Stacy: Maggie told Amelia she doesn't think she's a racist, so yes, I agree with her. Amelia was wrong to so easily believe Jo instead of giving Stephanie the benefit of the doubt, but honestly when it happened it never occurred to me that race had anything to do with it. I just thought she was being gullible. She completely believed Stephanie until Jo got into her head.

Elizabeth: I thought what Maggie said to Amelia was pretty spot on. But it also does take more than just not using racial slurs and other acts of overt bigotry to avoid racism. Really confronting your own privilege isn't easy, and you can't foist the work off onto others. Looking hard at why you do things as just as important as the things you do.

Ashley: Okay, yes. I do agree with everything she said. At the same time, though, something about that whole scene felt off to me. Forced, maybe? Because like Stacy says, it never occurred to me that what happened with Stephanie could have had anything to do with race either. I thought it had more to do with Amelia's trust issues in general.

Was there anything that disappointed you about this episode?

Stacy: I still don't like Penny or this whole story line with her and Meredith. I also wish Jackson and April had actually talked. They're only making things more complicated between them.

Elizabeth: Yeah, Jackson and April hopping into bed doesn't bode well for them, which is disappointing. I actually don't mind the Penny/Meredith story (it's not great, but it doesn't bother me), it's Callie that's annoying me at the moment. I can't believe that Penny didn't just dump her over her behavior.

Ashley: I'm definitely over the whole Penny thing. And yes, Callie is on my nerves too.

What was your favorite quote or scene from "Something Against You"?

Stacy: Definitely "wing man Webber" at the bar with Arizona. Maybe I should change my answer above to I wish we could have seen what he was going to say to glasses!

Elizabeth: Webber helping Arizona was pretty great, but the scene at the house that kicked off the whole racism debate was probably my favorite. Grey's really seems to be taking on privilege and discrimination this season, and they're handling it really well. The way that the women were all so matter of fact about the sexism they've encountered, Alex's obliviousness to it, and then Meredith telling him that they'd trained him – loved it all.

Ashley: My answer was going to be the "wing man Webber" scene too. It was just so funny and cute, and that type of thing is the reason I love Richard Webber so much. It kind of reminded me of the guys camping trip way back when. However, Elizabeth's point about the direction the show is taking is a good one. Alex being trained? That was pretty fabulous too.

What did you think of this episode of Grey's Anatomy? What's your take on Dr. Riggs, and do you think Callie was out of line? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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