Days of Our Lives Recap: Burning Abigail Alive!

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Ben went completely insane this week on Days of Our Lives as he tried to burn Abigail and Chad to death after chaining them to a bed.

No one can really say that Ben wasn’t already out of his mind crazy. He’d strangled Serena and Paige to death, two young women he barely knew, then attempted to kill Marlena, murdered Will, one of his only real friends and then shot the midwife who brought his baby into the world. Yet somehow, setting the mother of his newborn son on fire felt like he took this madness to a whole new level.

With all of the real life violence going on in the world right now, I’ve kind of had enough of watching this much of it in Salem. I’m hoping to see this storyline wrap up quickly as it’s already dragged on too long. I’m looking forward to a reconciliation for Chad and Abigail and I’m begging whomever is in charge that the missing baby plot isn’t dragged out for weeks, months, or even years. A swift conclusion to all of this angst would be a blessing. 

Not to mention a little more romance. Whatever ever happened to love in the afternoon? 

Brady and Theresa seemed to be the only happy couple in Salem this week and I never thought I’d write those words. Theresa attempted to leave the Kiriakis mansion with some grace, finally realizing that it gets her farther with Brady than her best lies, schemes and manipulations. 

However, I am wondering if there is a future for Theresa and Anne. As much as I miss their friendship, Theresa may be outgrowing her and Anne doesn’t really interact with anyone else in town.

Watching Brady, Theresa, and Tate enjoying Chinese food on a blanket in their new home was sweet. Let’s hope that this is a trend that continues.

Steve and Kayla shared a kiss or two and decided to let something good come out of Bo’s death. I like seeing these two back together and wonder if Stephanie will be headed back to town any time soon.

Other than these two couples, romance was pretty much dead in Salem. Shawn and Belle are calling it quits with Shawn heading back to Maine and Belle and Claire staying in town. This entire storyline left me with two questions. First, when did Belle become an attorney and second, when did Belle become such a witch? 

She was incredibly snarky to her parents and since when does she have such disdain for Sami. Yes, Sami has always done crazy things but in the past it’s felt as though their was still a great deal of love between these sisters. That’s certainly not the vibe I was getting from Belle this week.

Now that Belle and Shawn are splitsville, will Belle be hooking up with Philip when he comes back to town?

Daniel and Nicole appear to be stuck in the boredom zone and I couldn’t care less about Daniel’s buddy Finn. There are so many underused core characters on this show that I don’t understand why they felt the need to bring him on board.

Hope barely made time for Bo’s funeral and I’m so tired of all of these funerals lately. Please let this be the last for a long, long time!

Her grief has led to obsession over finding justice for Bo. I was pleased that Rafe was so honest with her. He’s there for her but he’s not pulling any punches, plus he knows how stubborn Hope can be as he said in this Days of Our Lives quote

Hope: This is my way of dealing with it Rafe. If you try to stop me…
Rafe: I don't think the Packers' defensive line could stop you.

He won’t sit back and watch her fall down this self destructive rabbit hole without trying to do something about it, even if that means ratting her out to Roman. 

If only Rafe had taken other things so seriously, like Chad’s concern over Abigail; then maybe a crazy man wouldn’t be on the run with her baby.

Tell us TV Fanatics, do you think the father of baby Colin is Ben or Chad?

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