Days of Our Lives Round Table: Belle & Shawn Have Split!

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Hope headed down a path of vengeance, Belle and Shawn were headed for divorce while Ben decided to burn Abigail alive this week on Days of Our Lives.

TV Fanatics Jack Ori and  Christine Orlando are joined by Andre DiMera and Sevenna92 from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Rafe ratting out Hope, baby Colin’s daddy issues, and the possibility of Philip Kiriakis’ return to Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Was Rafe right to rat Hope out to Roman?

Jack: Yes. She is becoming a danger to herself and the department, and since she told Rafe she wasn't listening to him because he's not her superior, there was only one thing left to do. Besides, as head of the department, Roman would probably get in trouble for not keeping Hope in line if anything happened (especially since he's not there very often.)

Andre DiMera: Yes. Hope is not thinking clearly. I know she's grieving both Bo and Aiden, meaning that she is not in a good place to make the type of calls she's making at the moment.

Sevenna92: Yes. Rafe was right to rat Hope out because it's clear that Hope's quickly getting out of control & she needs some serious mental help. If Hope doesn't stop, her daughter is going to lose another parent.

Christine: Absolutely. Hope is in a horrible place right now. She’s filled with anger and guilt over trusting Aiden and giving up on Bo. She’s going to need help to make sense of it but right now she only wants to dive down the rabbit hole of vengeance and it might just get her killed. 

Belle and Shawn are splitsville. Are you disappointed?

Jack: Very. I've been starving for romance since Eric and Nicole split up which was so long ago I don't even know how much time has passed. We don't need another couple on the outs. We need more stable couples with a story other than trying to get back together.

Andre DiMera: Very much so! Shawn and Belle were my first supercouple. I watched their whole love story as I grew up. Although, I understand why Shawn would want to split from Belle, as I do not condone cheating.

Sevenna92: Yes I'm disappointed because it's so predictable and dumb. Why can't the writers do anything better than go this route? Even worse because once again Belle made Shawn the fool by cheating. 

Christine: Ugh. I hate it. Why bring them back just to ruin them? And why turn Belle into such a witch? She seemed unhappy with everyone and everything this week. I was excited to hear they were returned but now I kind of which it had never happened. 

Do you think baby Colin is Ben’s or Chad’s?

Jack: I'm guessing Chad's at this point, unless he's going to grow up to be a psychopath who continues his father's reign of terror. I don't see a point to him being Ben's or the whole DNA switcheroo if he's not Chad's.

Andre DiMera: Chad's. We wouldn't have had Clyde have his goon swap out the D.N.A. tests if he wasn't.

Sevenna92: For a while I've thought that Colin was Ben's son but now I'm beginning to wonder if maybe he could be Chad's after all. 

Christine: We never did find out if there was actually a test result switch or not. I didn’t expect this baby to survive. Now that it’s here, I really hope the child ends up being Chad’s and that the missing baby story doesn’t drag on too long.

Do you want to see Philip Kiriakis return?

Jack: Yes! Very excited, even though Victor doesn't even mention Philip usually, he would be justified in refusing to heed his father's call now.

Andre DiMera: Most definitely! I cannot wait to see Philip! His return will be most welcome!

Sevenna92: I won't mind Philip returning as long as he is written properly & has decent stories. I'm looking forward to him tangling with Brady & Theresa and I can't wait to see them interact. 

Christine: Philip has always been intriguing when he’s been written well. I’m wondering if he and Belle will be getting back together. That could be interesting considering their history. 

Brady left Titan for Theresa. Do you believe they have a future together?

Jack: Maybe. All I can say for sure is that they have a kid together and getting along is better than not. I feel they're moving too fast and I'm not sold on their longevity as a couple yet.

Andre DiMera: In the short term, yes. However, I do not think that they are destined to be long term.

Sevenna92: I think they could have a good future together as long as they continue to try to be more mature, responsible adults and parents and they help each other become more stable, productive members of society. I think Brady's faith in her can help Theresa flourish & Theresa could help Brady have the courage to forge his own path & be independent. Just hoping that Victor is wrong and the writers don't screw them up. I'd even like to see them expand on their family someday. 

Christine: I’m hoping that these two will end up being the surprise happy couple no one expected. It would be great to see them both turn their lives around by working at it together and being their for one another. 

What, if anything disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: I wish this Abby storyline would end already. Too much creepy Ben for my taste. Also, I don't like that Hope has gone completely off the deep end and I especially don't like that the adults in Salem seem to be almost as good at being there for Chase as they were for JJ when he was having similar problems. Also Kate's interruption of JJ/Gabi was annoying and I felt it was out of character for Nicole to go along with it without even acknowledging JJ's presence -- didn't she help save his butt during the Theresa OD storyline? Oh and when did Belle become Sami #2?

Andre DiMera: The evil ghost of Bo. Ghosts do not ask for vengeance, especially not with the type of person Bo was beforehand.

Sevenna92: I hated that once again Chad marched in without backup or arming himself and getting himself whacked by Ben. I also hated Abby standing there like a cowardly idiot and not doing anything and also the whole Hope revenge thing is dumb on so many levels. 

Christine: I hate that Hope is hell bent on vengeance when her focus should be on her children, especially Ciara. She’s been through just as much as Hope has with Bo and Aiden, and Chase must be in hell. I know Hope is in a bad place but it’s not like her to not think of her children. 

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from the week?

Jack: JJ and Gabi's non-date (except for the stupid Kate interruption). It was so nice to see JJ smile and I like that for now they're building this slowly and honoring the feelings he had for Paige. I also really liked Brady standing up to Victor.

Andre DiMera: Claire returning and her interactions with everyone. I like the actress who plays Claire, and hope we see more of her in future. I also enjoyed the scenes with Patch and Kayla today. I love when they inject humor into the story. 

Sevenna92: I loved the progression of Thrady this week and also Lani & J.J. teaming up to find Abby & Chad. I've also been enjoying the whole cabin story but I am so ready for it to end. 

Christine: I enjoyed Rafe trying to be there for Hope. He was honest with her but wasn’t about to let her get away with her crazy behavior. I never used to be a big fan of Rafe but he really has me intrigued this year.

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