Days of Our Lives Round Table: Will Abby Save Chad?

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Philip and Belle met up again, Eduardo threw a new curve at the John Black saga and after a romantic evening with Abigail, Chad was brainwashed by Andre last week in Salem.

Below, our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Mikey and Villa281 from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate whether Abigail will save Chad, if Chase is bullying Theo and their favorite scene from last week’s Days of Our Lives. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Do you want Kate out of Basic Black?

Mikey: No! I love Kate, and she's too hilarious not to be a part of that. I like the idea of Basic Black becoming a battlefield of shifting alliances.

Jack: Yes! She is too controlling, doesn't let anyone make any decisions except her and is generally rude and a pain. I cannot believe Nicole has just put up with it -- where's my spunky Nicole?

Villa281: Absolutely not if you take Kate out of the story, than there will be nothing interesting about the storyline. What needs to happen is Theresa needs to continue to take out her claws and fight Kate. If done right Kate vs Theresa can be Kate vs. Sami part 11. This show is in desperate need of a good female rivalry.

Christine: If they kick her out of Basic Black, what’s left for her? I want Kate to be less bitchy. It’s the kind of thing where a little goes a long way but having her there could be more fun if they actually take this storyline into the office sometime soon. 

Will Abigail figure out what’s wrong with Chad?

Mikey: I hope so. What I think has promise about this brainwashing story is that it sort of puts Abigail in Chad's former position, that of "I'm not giving up on you," no matter what. It's a super couple trope, and I hope they execute it that way.

Jack: I think she will. Abby is not as stupid as Andre thinks she is.

Villa281: I have a feeling she will. They are writing Chad and Abigail like a modern day super couple, and they can usually sense when their better half is in danger. 

Christine: Please! I hope so. Abigail is smarter than she was and I’m hoping she fights for Chad and figures this out soon because I want to see these two together. 

Do you think Chase is bullying Theo and if so why?

Mikey: It seems so obvious that I hope the answer is no. It would make sense, but it wouldn't be very clever on Chase's part, since it's causing Ciara to worry about Theo more. I also like the actor and hope the character doesn't turn out to be such a jerk. That said, Chase was a little creepy in those conversation scenes with Ciara, so who knows?

Jack: No I do not. I think Chase is jealous of Theo but bullying him would just push him and Ciara closer together. I think those kids that messed with Joey at the gala are behind the bullying.

Villa281: I actually don't think so I think that would be to obvious.

Christine: Oh, I hope not, especially if they plan to keep Chase around for a while. I’m not really looking forward to a troubled youth storyline with anyone but least of all Chase because I just don't feel much of a connection to him.  

Are you interested in the new twist in the John Black saga?

Mikey: Sort of? As played-out as this is, I think this angle could be interesting, and I'm also kind of into it in a weird, academic way of like, "WTH are they going to jam in here next?"

Jack: Not really. John has been searching for his past since at least 1992 so this is an old story, and Eduardo suddenly being yet another person with a horrible secret who abandoned his families to protect them does him no favors.

Villa281: Honestly I stopped caring about John Black a long time ago. Sorry I am still bitter about them throwing the character of Roman Brady under the bus, in favor of John Black. I should probably get over it since it has been about 20 years.

Christine: This new twist with Eduardo has sparked my interested. So it was a private school that recruited orphaned kids to be assassins. My first question is, for whom?

Do Belle and Philip have a future as a couple? Do you want them to?

Mikey: No. That marriage didn't work because Belle never really wanted him. She wanted Shawn. I had a real eye roll moment when she accused Philip of having been shady during their marriage. Um, who snuck up to the roof to make out with her high school sweetheart and got pregnant by him? And then who cheated on him because she wanted Philip's attention? I didn't hate the scenes, but Belle would have to do some serious making-of-amends to make them viable.

Jack: Not unless they grow up. I didn't need to see two 30-somethings act like 16 year olds.

Villa281: No I do not. I was a fan of the chemistry between Jay Kenneth Johnson and Martha Madison, but not of them as a couple if that makes sense. The character of Belle is just very wishy washy for me. She spent her entire marriage with Philip lusting after Shawn Douglas, then when she finally got with Shawn-Douglas she started lusting after Philip. I think Belle is just a spoiled brat who wants what she does not have. I guarantee you if they have Shawn-Douglas move on with another woman, she is going to start to want him again.

Christine: I’m interested in seeing more of these two together because I think they humanize one another and they do have some chemistry but I had the same questions as Mikey about Belle’s comments. She was the one who cheated on Philip The poor guy thought that Claire was his daughter until he found out she had slept with Shawn. Belle isn't exactly a saint. 

Was there anything that disappointed you this week in Salem?

Mikey: I’m annoyed we haven't seen Hope and Chase react to the news that Ben was arrested and jailed for being the Necktie Killer. Shouldn't that be a huge story point for both of them, in regards to Aiden's exit? It's sloppy storytelling.

Jack: Not enough JJ, as usual. Belle is a lackluster lawyer and I don't see the need for this career change. Philip is too arrogant and not the Philip I remember. The whole silly Chad brainwashing thing. And what do we need Ava for?

Villa281: The thing that has disappointed me most about the show not just this week, but since the new writers took over is the pace. The show moves entirely too fast for me, and I feel we are missing very important scenes. Too many things are happening off camera. Although I guess that makes me hypocrite because my problem with the last writers was that they were to slow.

Christine: Chad’s brainwashing was tedious. I hate that Hope is set on vengeance over her daughter and has all but forgotten about Chase and there should have been scenes with Hope and Chase learning that Aiden wasn’t actually the Neck Tie killer. That was a big miss. 

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline from the week?

Mikey: Chad telling Abigail that impromptu bedtime story was pretty classic, and him breaking up with her -- though sad -- was very well-done. They're hitting all the right notes with these two if the goal is to model them after the classic super couples.

Jack:  I loved all the romance! JJ/Gabi, Chad/Abigail (minus the stupidity with Andre) and Steve/Kayla all in one day were great!

Villa281: My favorite thing about this past week was Steve and Kayla, I also like to budding romance between Gabi and J.J. I also liked Fridays scenes with Rafe and Hope and Ciara. Not crazy about what they are doing with Rafe and Hope right now, but I did enjoy Friday's scenes. Again if done right Rafe and Hope have potential. 

Christine: Like everyone else, it was the romance. Chad and Abigail were amazing until the brainwashing twist derailed them. JJ and Gabi were lovely, and I love Steve and Kayla being together and on the same page as far as their future, their son, and Ava are concerned. We definitely need more romance because the show is finally doing it right!

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