Watch American Horror Story Online: Season 5 Episode 8

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Thanks to Thanksgiving, viewers got to take a deep breath last week.

But they also got to build up their anticipation and wonder what was on tap forĀ American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 8.

Just how totally nuts, bloody, violent and insane did things get on this installment of the FX drama?

We saw John close in on the Ten Commandments Killer, inching ever closer to the identity of the person who has been keeping him awake at night.

And we also saw Sally detail her arrangement with March.

Meaning what, exactly? Click on the video above to watch American Horror Story online and to find out now.

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American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

There are answers on the other side of this door.

Sally [to John]

James: Do you know the difference between you and I?
John: Millions?
James: Pain.