Scandal Spoilers: Ready to Jump Ahead?

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Shondaland Spoiler Alert!

As previously reported, when Grey's Anatomy finally returns from its lengthy hiatus on February 11, Meredith will get assaulted.

What's The Plan?- Scandal Season 5 Episode 6

Now, thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we have a firm idea of what will take place when Scandal Season 5 comes back on that same date.

The series will actually jump ahead six months from events on the 2015 finale, which featured Olivia getting an abortion and moving out of the White House.

“Everybody has evolved into the next phase of their lives,” Tony Goldwyn tells EW, explaining:

“Fitz is unfortunately alone without Mellie, without Olivia, and sort of without Cyrus in the sense that the trust between Cyrus and Fitz is broken. Cyrus is still working for him, but it’s a troubled situation.

"So Abby is taking up that slack in terms of who he leans on, but Fitz is very much alone - the guy alone on the top of the hill.”

Goldwyn adds that his President will become “obsessed” with work; that Mellie will be in “full campaign mode” to succeed him; and, if Fitz ever did learn of Olivia’s abortion… well…

"Second to the death of his son, that’s the worst thing that could ever happen to Fitz = to find out that Olivia was pregnant with his baby, had an abortion and did not tell him

"That said, he got beyond the fact that her father was responsible for murdering his son. There’s no logic to Fitz’s love for Olivia, so I think he could get past it.

"I think he would have to because he’s in love with her. It’s going to be horrible if he finds out."

Do we really need to say if? Can't we all agree it's really just a matter of when?

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