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And we're back!

The 100 Season 3 Episode 1 started off the new season with a bang, as the show time-jumped three months after Clarke's necessary but traumatizing actions. Those actions saved her people but led her to leave Camp Jaha (now re-named Arkadia) on a quest to come to terms with what she'd done.

When we picked back up, Clarke was disguised and on the run, Murphy was trapped in a bunker, and we met three brand new characters – and there's so much more music now!

Join TV Fanatics Meg Bonney, Paul Dailley, Allison Nichols and Caralynn Lippo as they discuss the return of this long-awaited third season!

The 100 Round Table 1-27-15

Favorite moment or line of the episode?

Meg: Niylah asking Clarke about her lack of kill marks and Clarke saying her back isn't big enough.

Paul: Shawn Mendes stealing and the chick’s comment about floating him. How times have changed...

Allison: The strangely happy carpool karaoke moment. I was in shock that all my children were smiling and happy. I loved it. That is probably the last time we are going to see them that happy for awhile, sadly.

Caralynn: Totally with Allison on this one. The car scene, hands down! It was such an unexpectedly joyous moment, I adored it. The actors have such easy, fantastic chemistry that I really felt I was watching a group of friends have a sing-a-long moment in a car.

Most of the characters are involved at the newly-named Arkadia, dealing with the brewing violence with the Grounders, but Jaha and Murphy are still separated from everyone else. What's your take on their A.L.I.E.-centric subplot?

Meg: I'd like to know how the earth was destroyed but I am not super into this plot yet. I really like Murphy and I think he works better away from the core group and this subplot makes that possible. Wacky Jaha is a bit annoying, but I am interested.

Paul: I'm not a fan of the whole City of Light storyline. It might be because it's very similar to the storyline of Heroes Reborn. I know it's not going to be as tedious as that, but first impressions are everything and this just isn't cutting it.

Allison: I just don't care about the City of Light. I find it just takes us away from the more interesting storylines. I'm trying to hold off on completely judging it, but right now I'm not impressed. Maybe if/when Jaha rejoins the rest of his people things will start to pick up.

Caralynn: I've realized I'm totally alone in enjoying this subplot. Murphy was not working for me at all with the other kids, but I think he's just great now. He'd caused too much damage and desperately needed a redemption arc. This is a slow-burn redemption arc if I've ever seen one. I'm sure Murphy will come out of this the hero (or, potentially, sacrificing himself to save the day) and will be redeemed.

Wacky disciple Jaha is grating but I'm like 95% sure he's being mind-controlled by A.L.I.E. in some way. In all, I actually find this storyline really intriguing. It's also interesting that while everyone else is dealing with the particularities of the Grounder/Arker impending war, there's this HUGE other threat in the form of A.L.I.E. that could annihilate all of them. And nobody even knows about it.

Jasper is a wreck, still, months after Maya's death. What was your reaction to seeing this traumatized, permanently changed new version of Jasper?

Meg: I miss the old Jasper/Monty super team but I think that it makes sense that Jasper is so destroyed. He was the most willing to embrace that life there in Mount Weather and I think he is mourning Maya's death as well as all of those people. He spent the most time there and got to know some of them. I hope they don't drag it on too long.

Paul: I will admit that I missed the old Jasper, but it would be poor character development if we didn't see this side of him. He will return to his former self when the time is right, but for now, he's going to be pretty traumatized.

Allison: I found it weird that Jasper was such a wreck, but Monty, Bellamy, and Clarke were doing okay. I wanted to see more of how they were handling Mount Weather. Jasper isn't my favorite character, but strangely, Jasper's kind of the conscience for Skaikru at times. It seems like everyone has shrugged off the destruction of Mount Weather, and while they dig through stuff, Jasper is the one who reminds everyone that these belonged to people.

Caralynn: Meg brings up a really good point that I'd forgotten about. It's a distant memory but it's important to remember at the beginning of The 100 Season 2, Jasper really wanted to believe that they could be happy at Mount Weather and build a community there, not having to worry about being killed by Grounders. Not only was Maya taken from him, but that idea (false as it turned out to be) was destroyed as well. I also just think that Monty, Bellamy, and Clarke each are just more resilient than Jasper, in a way that I can't quite explain.

Clarke hooked up with Niylah! We saw it coming in the trailer, but what did you think of the actual encounter? Are you onboard team Clarke/Niylah? (Clylah? Narke?)

Meg: Boo! There is nothing there. Clarke was just looking for comfort.

Paul: I'm with Meg on this one. I'm one of the few who is Team Clexa, so hopefully Lexa returns soon and they sort it out.

Allison: Like Meg said, Clarke was just looking for comfort. I took it as a one night stand kind of deal. I don't think Clarke's emotionally stable enough right now for a full on relationship.

Caralynn: It was totally a comfort thing, though I do like Niylah's character. I can't imagine anybody is team Narke/Clylah after this, though. It was very abrupt, though I understood the context of the scene to be that they'd known each other for a few months of Clarke dropping by this particular trading post. We just weren't privvy to any of that build-up.

We met a handful of new characters who seem like they'll be important -- Niylah, Roan, and Bellamy's girlfriend, to name a few. Who was your favorite new addition and why? Or did you hate all of them?

Meg: I like them all but they need to stop making out with my people. Roan isn't that exciting yet but I feel like he will be a bigger fixture in this conflict.

Paul: I can't pick a favorite because I liked all of them. They're part of the reason the scale of the show is much bigger this time round. The show is branching out beyond the core characters and it'll keep things fresh.

Allison: They were all fine. I didn't have a negative reaction to any of them. I enjoyed Gina (Bell's girlfriend). Her introduction was great because she brought Bellamy a book that means a lot to him. It's hard to hate her after she did something so sweet.

Caralynn: Roan for sure. I don't know what it is; maybe Zach McGowan's intense looking face? There was just something immensely intriguing about him. He's clearly going to be very important, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they'll do with him.

What did you think of Shawn Mendes' musical appearance? Did it work or did it stick out to you in a negative way?

Meg: I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. I think it worked because they just let the song play in the background and didn't have all of the characters stop and watch. I liked the rendition too!

Paul: I liked it. He's not big here in Scotland, so at first, I thought he was just a Grounder.

Allison: I guess it was okay. It kinda came out of nowhere, but like Meg said, it was in the background. The best part about it was that it highlighted this new bar type area that Arkadia has.

Caralynn: It was really random but it didn't feel as shoehorned-in as I expected it to feel. Paul, I had no idea who Shawn Mendes was either. He is very talented though! That cover was beautiful and fit the scene perfectly.

Make sure you watch The 100 Season 3 Episode 2 this Thursday. First look photos are below! 

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The 100 Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Jaha: No pain, no hate, no envy.
Murphy: No thanks.
Jaha: John...
Murphy: No. Pain, hate, envy. Those are the ABCs of me. You get rid of them and there's nothing left, so why don't you get that thing out of my face?

Abby: He's come a long way.
Kane: It's a work in progress.