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In the bunker, after watching the suicide tape, Murphy finds that the doors have sealed him in. He tries to bust out and is unable to. He rewatches the video repeatedly. On the video, he sees that two men discovered their friend's dead body, removing him from the bunker. The appearance of ALIE, the artificial intelligence, is based on a woman named Rebecca, who created ALIE. ALIE's core programming was to take care of the problem of too many people being on Earth.

After 86 days trapped in the bunker, Murphy runs out of food and prepares to kill himself using the gun he found. He records a suicide video but is unable to actually pull the trigger. Just as he puts the gun down, the containment doors release and he is able to walk out. He spots the drone, which he follows to the large house.

At the large house, Jaha greets him calmly. Murphy angrily says that Jaha let him live and takes a swing at him; the physical exertion makes him pass out. Jaha picks him up and carries him further into the house.

Bellamy and Lincoln spar for a demonstration in front of a class of fighters that they are training. Bellamy gives Lincoln an Ark uniform. Lincoln at first refuses to take it, saying he is Trikru, but Bellamy insists and Lincoln agrees.

Bellamy notes that he is off to Sector 7, near the Ice Nation border, on a mission. Lincoln bemoans the fact that he can't go and Bellamy reminds him of the kill order placed on him.

Bellamy goes to see Kane and Abby. Abby is asleep, for the first time in days, Kane says. Bellamy seeks and receives permission to arm the entire unit. Kane notes that in the three months since the Mount Weather incident, there were no attacks and that people should continue to believe in this as real, lasting peace.

Abby wakes up after Bellamy leaves and wonders if Clarke might be in Section 7. Kane offers to send out another search party, but Abby acknowledges that no one will find Clarke until she's ready to be found. Abby walks off, and a guard tells Kane that there was a signal on the radio. "She" wants to see him. Kane quickly packs up to leave to go see "her."

Bellamy goes to retrieve Jasper and Monty for the Sector 7 mission. Monty tells Bellamy that Jasper is not ready to go – Jasper is drunkenly passed out. Monty notes that Maya's death broke Jasper and that he isn't getting better, three months on. Bellamy suggests leaving him behind, but Monty says that missions like this are all Jasper has to look forward to.

Bellamy's new girlfriend sees him off and kisses him goodbye after gifting him a copy of 'The Iliad.' Raven, Bellamy, Jasper, Monty, Miller, and Octavia (riding separately, on a horse) head off to Sector 7. Jasper continues to be rude to everyone and makes a crack about Monty "melting" Bellamy's girlfriend. Everyone eventually loosens up and sings along to a Violent Femmes song "Add It Up" in the car after Jasper puts it on the car radio.

A tracking beacon from the Ark goes off, indicating that farm station (one of the stations that detached on the descent to Earth) is nearby, in Sector 8. They stop abruptly and discuss proper protocol – they should go back to the newly-renamed Arkadia (formerly Camp Jaha) and get clearance – but Bellamy overrules that and everyone agrees to go immediately to help their people.

In the big house, Murphy wakes, cleaned up and on a couch with a glass of water and an apple near him. After drinking, he moves to confront Jaha, who appears to be meditating. ALIE appears and notes that Jaha is not present – he is in the City of Light. Murphy notes that he knows who she is and throws the apple at her. Jaha awakens and tells Murphy that ALIE did not end the world – she saved it. Murphy stalks off.

Bellamy and the others keep weapons drawn as the tracking signal approaches. The Ice Nation approaches instead of members of farm station, carrying the tracker on them. Octavia is able to communicate with them in Trigedasleng. She tries to tell the warriors that Skaikru observes the truce but one of the Ice Nation warriors grabs Jasper after Jasper takes the beacon back. He asks the group where Wanheda is. The group explain that they don't know who that is.  The warrior begins to cut Jasper's throat after Jasper simply laughs at the threat, but the group kills the three Ice Nation warriors and saves Jasper.

Bellamy radios Kane. Octavia and Raven remain behind to take Jasper back to Arkadia for medical attention. Bellamy and Monty meet Kane and Indra in Sector 4, where Indra reports to them that this is all about Clarke – everyone is hunting for her.

Meanwhile, Clarke (now red-haired and in Grounder gear) is hunting a panther by baiting it with a rabbit. She successfully kills the panther.

Clarke goes to a trading post to trade the dead panther in to a woman, Niylah. Niylah gives her the salted meat owed to her from her last kill. Clarke is antsy but Niylah offers her a drink while she waits.

Raven and Octavia bring Jasper back to Arkadia for medical attention. Abby asks after Clarke and Raven reports that she was not there.

Monty and Bellamy drive back to camp with Indra and Kane. Indra explains that there is a bounty on Clarke, who they are calling Wanheda – the Commander of Death. She notes that her people believe that killing someone results in acquiring their power. Clarke's actions weakened Lexa and emboldened the Ice Nation. The Ice Nation queen wants Clarke's power to overtake the Commander. The group drives to Sector 7, where Indra suggests that they look for Clarke first at the trading posts, since she'll need supplies.

Clarke asks Niylah how she got the cuff on her wrist. They are interrupted by two men. One is Roan, a bounty hunter. They ask if Niylah has seen Clarke, showing her a roughly drawn picture. Niylah gives them purposeful misinformation to lead them away while Clarke tries to remain unnoticed. After they thank Niylah and leave, Clarke asks why she is helping her. Niylah explains that her mother was taken by the Mountain Men and so she is behind Clarke for having ended the reaping.

Lincoln tries to talk to Abby. He mentions that if the Grounders believe that Skaikru is trying to colonize the Mountain, the truce will break and war will begin. They are interrupted by Jasper storming out of treatment. Abby lets him leave, against Raven's wishes.

Abby tries to talk to Raven about the pain in her leg having returned. Raven admits that the pain began 3 months ago, when the dam exploded, but roughly brushes Abby off and suggests that Abby worry about fixing herself.

Niylah treats Clarke's wounds from the panther. Niylah tries to talk to her about what happened on the Mountain but Clarke brusquely asks her not to speak. After Niylah pulls away, Clarke brings Niylah's hand back onto her body. The two have sex.

Lincoln goes to talk to Octavia as she's brushing her horse. She is upset at him for apparently assimilating with the Sky People. She tries to tell him that the Sky People are different from them, and chastises him for wearing the uniform Bellamy gave him. Lincoln tries to explain that Trikru is what they are in their hearts and that the uniform doesn't change that. Octavia says that it does, and walks away, upset.

Murphy intends to leave Jaha and ALIE behind by taking a rowboat. Jaha and a man named Gideon approach. Jaha apologizes for leaving Murphy in the bunker. He explains that they converted the nuclear warhead into a power source, so that ALIE could continue the work she started with the creator one hundred years prior.

Jaha tries to convince Murphy to come with them to the City of Light. He hands him a small chip that will take him to the City of Light. Murphy refuses, citing that what the City of Light cures is all that he is, and if those things go there will be nothing left of him. Jaha places the chip in Murphy's pocket and moves to leave. Murphy spots Emori, who encourages him to come along. He decides to go with the group, despite still being distrustful of Jaha. ALIE notes to Jaha that she told him Murphy would come around.

At an assembly of Sky People, one young man tries to steal something. Raven and Bellamy's girlfriend stop him, requesting a song in exchange for the stolen object. He sings "Add It Up" for the group, playing the piano. Abby comes by to talk to Raven, as a friend – not as the Chancellor or Raven's doctor. Raven tells Abby she will not have the operation for her leg and to shut up and drink.

Monty, Bellamy, Indra, and Kane continue to drive towards Sector 7. Kane tries to give Indra a gun.

Clarke wakes up from a nightmare next to a still-sleeping Niylah and moves to sneak out without waking her.

Lincoln leaves his bedroom to go sleep outside by Octavia, covering her with a blanket.

Jasper sees the Sky People pillaging through the things they've collected from the Mountain Men and freaks out, attacking people (including the singer, over the piano) and accusing them of being gravediggers. Jasper is restrained.

Monty, Bellamy, Indra, and Kane stop at a fallen tree. Indra insists that the tree was cut down, but Bellamy is less sure. Another tree suddenly falls near them, blocking them in and proving Indra's point.

Clarke sneaks out but is grabbed by Roan, who greets her as Wanheda and hold a knife to her throat.

The 100
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The 100 Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Abby: He's come a long way.
Kane: It's a work in progress.

Eighty-six days. On my last box of food, so... Really never thought I'd miss the Ark this much but, anyway. Jaha, if you're seeing this that would indeed mean you are not dead, so SCREW YOU!