Days of Our Lives Round Table: Another Rape?!?

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It was a very dark week in Salem as Chase raped Ciara, Ava sent Kayla video of her and Steve, and Jennifer and Eric fell deeper into their addictions. 

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Trey and Mellie from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate the latest rape storyline, Dario Hernandez’s return and who is the craziest person in Salem after this week’s Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Chase raped Ciara. Rate if from 1 (hate it) to 10 (great story) and why?

Jack: I'll give it a five, because Ciara's reactions were phenomenal but I can't stand Chase being twisted out of shape like this and the whole thing was horrible.

Trey: I absolutely hate this story. Rape is never entertaining, especially when it involves kids and teens. I am really frustrated Days went this route with Ciara. Rape topics should be handled delicately and with a lot if planning and for a real plot point. It seems like recent rape storylines (like Eric's) left viewers like me unfulfilled and were without consequence for the offenders.

Melly: 1. Remember that scene from "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" where Jim Carrey goes through the Whoville phone book listings and says about the Whos, "Hate, hate, hate. Hate, hate, hate. Double hate. LOATHE ENTIRELY"? That's how I feel about the writers trivializing rape through this and the Steve/Ava storyline. They're just so...flip is the only word I have come up with to describe it, and that's not quite right--but you get the idea.

Christine:  2. Ugh. It’s the worst. I can’t believe they went there with these characters and like those above have said, I have no faith in the show to handle this storyline responsibly. 

Do you consider what Ava did to Steve rape?

Jack: Yes absolutely. She used a threat against Kayla's life to get him to comply.

Trey: Yes, she forced him to have sex by threatening Kayla.

Melly: Yes.

Christine: Yes, and I hate the way they’re handing it. The show has two rape storylines going on at once but only seems to be calling one of them rape. 

Brady ran into Dario Hernandez. Do you hope to see more of Dario?

Jack: Surprisingly, yes! I really liked Dario and his backstory was interesting.

Trey: I applauded when the original Dario left, so I am not expecting much from the character. But I will keep an open mind. I am a bit skeptical because the writers haven't really developed their characters like I hoped. All the new characters (Fynn, Eduardo, and Deimos) seem to be one flat note and unnecessary. And that's sad given the actors' talents on other shows.

Melly: Eh. I wasn't a fan of Dario #1. I don't have particularly high hopes for the writers developing an intriguing story for him.

Christine: I disliked Dario the last time around and was grateful when he left so I’m skeptical about bringing the character back. I found his introduction this time around random and silly so it’s hard to have hope for better. 

Why do you think Belle wants to buy Victor’s nightclub?

Jack: I have no idea. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Trey: I have mo clue why a lawyer wants to buy a nightclub. Again, I am blaming poor writing. Another underdeveloped character with an afterthought career. I don't think anyone in Salem knows what they're doing because they keep changing businesses and companies almost weekly (except Roman).

Melly: Oh my soul...I doubt Belle knows why she wants to buy it! She certainly hasn't been acting rationally. My guess is that it's something to do with Claire, but maybe it's a way to connect to Philip....or to Shawn...or who knows what.

Christine: I think it has something to do with her lamenting to Marlena that she felt like she was never allowed to have any fun but it’s so random it seems silly. Belle whines about not having a good relationship with her daughter but how will a business that’s open at night and for those over 21 help that?

Claire Questions Belle - Days of Our Lives

Who is crazier: Andre, Ava or someone else in Salem?

Jack: Ava is the craziest. And not fun crazy like Andre either.

Trey: Tough call but different crazies! Andre is a sociopath. Ava is insane. Hope is also up there on the mentally unstable list. She still hasn't dealt with her grief for Bo or her attack.

Melly: The residents of Salem are running a close race, for sure, but my vote is Andre. He's certifiable and evil pretty equally; Ava seems more rotten than anything else.

Christine: They’re both insane! They’re both capable of horrible, evil things. Andre edges Ava out by a hair but I agree with Jack that at least he’s a bit more fun. 

Was there anything that disappointed you this week on Days of Our Lives.

Jack: I wish JJ had found Chase and averted the rape. Also Eric drunk and kissing Jen who was out of it, really? I wish Jen had been there for Ciara instead. Finally, Abby acting like a 12 year old and giving JJ the silent treatment was ridiculous.

Trey: My honest reaction is that everything disappointed me on Days. Jennifer's pill addiction going unnoticed, Eric spiraling and no one caring, Joey and Kayla's reaction to Steve's rape, Hope and Rafe's continued charade framing Andre with zero remorse, Brady leaving on a wild goose chase, and most of all Ciara's rape. There's no joy in Salem or anything to look forward to. Where's the romance we were promised?

Melly: Remember those first two questions? Disappointed is an understatement.

Christine: Yeah, it was a perfectly horrible week on Days. The storylines went everywhere from horrifying (2 rape stories) to disturbing (2 addiction stories) and boring (Brady and the mystery woman). Mark them all as disappointing. 

What was your favorite quote, scene or story line from the week.

Jack: Andre and Roman sparring! 

Trey: I have to admit I love the actors who are rocking the emotional scenes. Steve confessing to Kayla and Eric breaking down to Jennifer were moving and powerful. 

Melly: Roman and Andre ("Andy")... There was some fun dialogue between these two!

Christine: Andre’s quote about Abigail bringing the Horton family Hummel collection to the Dimera mansion was hysterical. 

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