Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Relationship Rewind

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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 11 got to the heart of April and Jackson's relationship -- and it's downfall. There are two sides to every story, and it's (past) time everybody got a chance to say their piece. 

Join TV Fanatics Ashley Bissette Sumerel, Stacy Glanzman, and Elizabeth Harlow as they break down "Unbreak My Heart."

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What did you think of the "rewind" format that the episode employed?

Stacy: I thought it was an interesting way to connect things that we've already seen with new information. I liked the concept and it was easy to follow. It worked well.

Ashley: I liked it. I think it was a unique way to tell their story, and it also gave the audience more of a payoff in terms of the wedding, etc.

Elizabeth: My only problem with it was that there was so much time spent on the relationship falling apart (which was important) that the "happy" parts of their relationship, their beginning, felt rushed. There wasn't enough of their friendship. 

Did anything in this episode change your perspective on Jackson, April, or their relationship?

Stacy: I've always been on Jackson's side and that hasn't changed, but there were parts where I could see April's position too. I still think she ran away from him. Maybe it was to take care of herself, which I can understand, but that's something that should have been explained before she left.

Ashley: Not particularly. I've also mostly been on Jackson's side, but we've seen both of them handle things badly. This didn't change that, but it was nice to see more of the story.

Elizabeth: I've always tried to be sympathetic to April during all this drama, and I felt a little more justified in that after this. I mean, it's just a completely horrible situation, and there's enough blame to go around. I liked that we finally saw Jackson screwing some things up too. It evened it out.

If you were Jackson and April's therapist, what advice would you have given them?

Stacy: That's hard since I'm not one. The no sex thing seemed like good advice, since they seemed to keep using it to avoid conflict. Also, they wouldn't be in their current situation.

Ashley: They needed to be better at communication early on. Writing each other a letter that explained everything they were feeling might have been good advice.

Elizabeth: Letter writing is a great idea, Ashley. Their communication did totally suck. One thing that I thought really held them back was that Jackson was hanging on to his anger so tightly. Some "I feel" communication exercises, and maybe some individual therapy would be on my list.

Do you think the baby could bring them back together? How long could that take?

Stacy: I was ready for this episode to end this story. I honestly didn't care if they got divorced or stayed together, I just wanted it to be over. When April signed those papers, I was relieved. The baby bombshell just annoyed me because it feels like this is never ending.

It reminded me of Callie and Arizona. I loved them together and was really rooting for them (unlike my indifference to Jackson and April), but even I was relieved when that was finally over and we could move on. 

Ashley: I'm with Stacy. I'm been so over this storyline for a while now, and I just wanted it to end one way or another. Now it's clearly not going to. 

Elizabeth:  I hear what you guys are saying about this being too drawn out, but I'm hoping that the baby brings them back together. I don't think it will be anything too quick though. I just hope the fighting and the blame is over. I think co-parenting could remind them of what they loved about each other in the first place and help them to heal. 

Which scene or quote did you think had the most emotional impact and why?

Stacy: Jackson missing the plane. That could be the single most impactful moment of their entire relationship after Samuel dying. If he had made that flight, where would they be right now? It could have changed everything. Yes, he could have taken another flight, but he obviously made the decision to go last minute or he would have been at the airport earlier. Missing it gave him the chance to change his mind again. 

Ashley: Jackson smashing the crib. It was just so painful to watch him go through that, and to see them dealing with that loss all over again.

Elizabeth: The crib smashing was probably the most emotional for me, but the signing of the divorce papers was really emotional too. It's so clear that they both still love each other, but they just can't find a way to make it work. I've known couples like that in real life, and it's always just so tragic. 

Elizabeth Harlow was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She left the organization in October 2018.

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